Online Sellers:  8 Ways to Hide or Cover a Stain on Tennis Shoes / Sneakers

Online Sellers: 8 Ways to Hide or Cover a Stain on Tennis Shoes / Sneakers

Posted by Big Brand on 16th Jul 2021

If you love buying store returns, salvage or liquidation shoes you will eventually come across a pair of sneakers that has a stain that is impossible to remove, so now what? Here’s solutions to not only hide the stain but to also create a “customized” shoe that buyers will happily pay MORE for because it’s one-of-a-kind!

(You can click on any image to open the full tutorial on a different site that will tell you how to make it!)

1. DYE - Dying the shoe to match or hide the stain is probably the absolute easiest way to go. You can purchase fabric dyes on Amazon super cheap and you can purchase Suede Dye, Leather Dye or RIT dye for Canvas shoes. This method is surprisingly easy!  All you really need is the dye and some painters tape

2. PAINT SPLATTER LOOK - This may be the ultimate easiest way to hide a hideous stain; simply purchase a couple dyes and make sure one of those pigments matches the stain. Now you can add a bunch more “splotches” and end up with a paint splatter effect!

3PATCHES & EMBELLISHMENTS - This is another easy peasy way to hide some imperfections!

4. GEMSTONE EMBELLISHED - This idea is basically the same as the Patch & Embellishments shoe except for it involves less work. This is perfect for little tiny spots:

5. GLITTER SPRAY - turn that shoe into a mega sparkly tennis shoe. The trick here is to pick a glitter shade that either MATCHES the stain or is darker than the stain to hide it. For example, if the stain is black you should turn the shoes into Black Glitter whereas if the stain is yellow you could opt for gold glitter or a beautiful sunflower yellow:

6. COLOR FADE (Ombre Look) - wherever the stain is located, you can create a color fade to extend from it.

7. "GALAXY LOOK" - This method is best for people who are a little bit "crafty".  

8.  CUSTOM ART - If you're great at drawing (or painting!) this is a way you can make a fortune off almost any pair of kicks because everyone wants something that only they own.  You can doodle / scribble / draw / paint the shoes using a theme.  The theme can be cats, dogs, flamingos, hot dogs, pineapples, hedgehogs... the only limit is your imagination!  There's tons of tutorials about this but here's a couple you might find inspiration in:

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