Online Sellers:  What to Do if a DRESS is Missing Its Belt - Replacement Belt Ideas

Online Sellers: What to Do if a DRESS is Missing Its Belt - Replacement Belt Ideas

Posted by Big Brand on 7th Jan 2021

We previously wrote “What to do if a Coat is missing the belt” so today we are going to discuss What to Do if a Dress is Missing The Belt. Let’s go!

One of the determining factors is how big the belt loops on the dress are. If there are not belt loops, the world is your oyster and you can have fun picking a belt that looks gorgeous. So be sure to first figure out the width the belt should be, then you can proceed.

1. One of the most popular belt replacements is a “Dress Sash Ribbon”. These ribbons come in all different colors:

Some wrap around the body one time, while others wrap twice, so pay attention to the total length based on whatever your goal is. You don’t want to have to cut it so you can avoid frayed edges.

2. There’s also fancier designs with gemstones. These are often called “Bridal Belts” and will cost around $13-$16 for a nice one:

3. You could also go with a totally stunning “Bohemian Braided Belt”. The great thing about these is that you can get them for $7 if you look for a few minutes on Amazon:

4. Just like with coats, Amazon sells Replacement Belts of all kinds; from wool-type belts to silky belts and everything in between:

5. If you are looking for an option that is less money, Amazon also has Scarves that can be used as belts:

As you can see above, three belts is under $12, so your cost-per-belt is only $4 per belt.

6. Waist-Chain Belts. Again, if you take a little bit of time to look on Amazon you can find these as low as $7:

7. If you look for a “Bridal Crystal Metal Belt” you can pickup a cool piece that features crystals and is really beautiful, and still under $11:

8. A Neckerchief. Just pay attention to the measurements. A neckerchief can range from super short to 78+inches long.

9. Purse Handle Wrap - this is basically the same thing as a neckerchief. Just pay attention to the length of the purse handle wrap.

10. Take a trip to JoAnn Fabrics and bring the coat with you. Browse the store. I’m sure you’ll see tons of things that will work.  A nice piece of Jute rope, a sparkly piece of tulle or even a sophisticated spool of pearls on rope.  

11. Speaking of JoAnns, if you can sew, pick up a piece of material and DIY. 

12. See what we have in stock today in our Womens Belts category.  Usually our belts are cheaper than any of the option on this list! 

13. Thrift Store. All you need is the belt. You can buy a stained / ruined dress and just extract the belt from it. Heck, you may even find an actual dress belt there.

14. Dollar Tree. This is really hit-or-miss.

15. Sell it as “Belt Not Included” and let the buyer do whatever they want.

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