Online Sellers: 14 INCREDIBLE Ways to Sell Single Shoes

Online Sellers: 14 INCREDIBLE Ways to Sell Single Shoes

Posted by Big Brand on 12th Jul 2021

If you love to buy salvage inventory, or even if you buy liquidations or store returns, it’s likely that you will eventually end up with a single shoe, or a mis-matched pair of shoes which is basically the same as two single shoes. Before you throw them out, here’s a couple ideas for ways you can SELL them!

1. I bet you didn’t know that sites like Zappos actually SELL single shoes! Yes, seriously! And they’re NOT cheap:

Whats even crazier is HOW POPULAR single-shoe-buying is. Don’t believe me? Visit the Zappos single shoe page and click on ANY single shoe listing then read the reviews! People are ELATED that Zappos is filling a niche for those who need individual shoes for a variety of reasons.

2. There is also a website called that allows amputees to buy only 1 shoe instead of being forced to buy a pair - how friggin awesome is that?! What a fantastic idea! This site also helps people who have mis-matched size feet, so if you happen to have one size 7 and the other foot is a size 7.5 or 8, here you go!

3. If you have many individual shoes one simple option is to sell them all as one listing. These types of bulk lots are great for boutiques who want to use them in their front window to advertise that they sell shoes. It’s so much cheaper for a boutique owner to buy random mixed shoes than to waste pairs of shoes they paid wholesale for. These same types of mixed single shoe lots can be purchased by people who want to use them as decor in general.

But if you don’t want to sell individual shoes or list them in a bulk lot, here’s other options:

Obviously the method for selling them is going to depend on the type of shoe. A knee-high boot has different uses than a high heel or a mens loafer.

4. HIGH HEELS can make adorable planters for succulents and air plants. These types of planters are perfect for a fashion-lover or a girly bedroom:

5.  HEELS can also be spray-painted to make darling bookends:

Check out the Bookend Tutorial here:

6.  HEELS, FLATS and other styles of womens (or older girls) shoes can be easily converted into Jewelry Holders:

7. SANDALS can be easily made into hanging planters for beach theme homes or outside spaces. If the sandal is plastic / rubber it’s good for all weather!

8. BOOTS - Boots seem to have the most uses. Personally, I used a random boot to make a Fairy Door (this task was part of an event the city my boutique was in. Each business had to make one and put it in their front window).

The boot shown above was spray painted pink. Everything else was added using a hot glue gun. It was actually pretty fun to make.

9. Boots can also be used as planters:

People are seriously nuts about Boot Planters for some reason. Just check out Pinterest. Short boots, tall boots, mens boots, rain boots… if you have a random boot I can almost guarantee there’s a DIY planter tutorial out there for you:

10. Boots (or other styles of shoes) can also be sold for material, especially if they are genuine leather!  That leather can be crafted into jewelry, purses, pillows and more.  The awesome thing about boot leather is that is already has an amazing quality seam, so converting the boot leather to a bracelet or bag is much more simplistic than starting with a flat piece of leather bought from a fabric store! 

11. Baby Shoes have all kinds of cute little uses, depending on the size of the shoe.  A newborn shoe can make an ADORABLE Christmas Ornament or hanging decor.  

12. Baby Shoes (larger than Newborn) can be used for pin cushions!

13.  There's also a lot of tutorials out there about converting a shoe (usually a boot) to a bird feeder... honestly, I don't like this idea but other people seem to. Just Google it is you want more details.

14.  DONTATE THEM for a good cause!  Websites like Soles4Souls will gladly accept your individual shoes and put them to great use.  In fact, they are one of the top rated NonProfits in the country!  You can ship your shoe(s) FOR FREE to S4S or find a local drop-off location.  Although donating them isn't the same as "selling them, because S4S is a Non Profit, you CAN write it off on your taxes, which saves you money!  And saving money in addition to helping others is more valuable than throwing away the shoe!

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