How to Fix Designer Sunglasses: Missing / Damaged Pins, Screws or Nose Pads

How to Fix Designer Sunglasses: Missing / Damaged Pins, Screws or Nose Pads

Posted by Big Brand on 23rd Sep 2020

If you absolutely love buying Store Returns, Liquidations and Salvage chances are you have come across an imperfect pair of sunglasses. No need to throw them out or sell them for little! Today I am going to give you options for repairing damaged sunglass arms and more!

For fixing an Arm, Amazon has been a Godsend! For $6 - $9 you can buy a complete kit that includes over 1,000 different sunglass arm replacement pins (most include more)!

Most of the kits also include the mini screwdriver or the tool you need to apply it with.  It's cheaper to buy a kit WITH the little screwdriver than to buy a kit without one then also purchase a screwdriver separately.   

However, if you plan to repair multiple sunglasses, this kit (under $15) has a massive variety of replacement pads in addition to screws / pins!

TIP:  If the screws in your glasses are gold, and if the kit only has silver screws / pins that fit perfect, it is probably easier to swap both screws for silver than to try to find a single gold screw in the size you need. :) 

If you don't feel like investing the time or money into trying to fix the glasses, Google Search "Sunglass Repair Near Me" and you will see local places that can repair your glasses.  I know, you're like "Well how much will that cost???" so here's some prices from WorldOptic that you can use as a general guide:

Of course every business is going to have different pricing. Here in Michigan we have a family owned jeweler located inside of a Kroger grocery store. His store is NOT fancy. No chandeliers, no fancy showcases.  BUT His prices on everything are AMAZING.  Watch battery; $5. Sunglass pins; $5.  He knows if he gives you a great price and fast service you will be a life long customer.  I'm sure you have a local jeweler that is the same way!  If you look for small businesses you will almost always get the best service AND best prices!

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