Online Sellers: How to Clean Body Care / Makeup WITHOUT Ruining the Label

Online Sellers: How to Clean Body Care / Makeup WITHOUT Ruining the Label

Posted by Big Brand on 5th May 2021

If you love buying liquidations, shelf pulls and store returns you will eventually come across products that need to be cleaned. Sometimes it’s just a little dust from being on a store shelf, other times a lotion or hair gel could have spilled on it. Either way, you want to restore that product to sparkling new, and you definitely don’t want to damage or rip off the label. Here’s how you do it:

I personally recommend standard Clorox Wipes. BUT, the wipes MUST be Clorox brand. Other brands are trash because they either leave soapy residue mess or they contain chemicals that will strip the words rights off the packaging! Clorox wipes have the right amount of alcohol to bang out dirt, gunk and sticker residue without harming the product or label. We use them on all kinds of things at our warehouse. Clorox now has a new packaging style that is similar to baby wipes and a 3-pack of packs will run only $11 on Amazon (sometimes you can get them for less if you dig through Amazon.)

These wipes are the ultimate answer to products like this:

NOTE: Do NOT use baby wipes, cheap Dollar Tree wipes or other things that look like Clorox Wipes but aren’t. Even though they resemble as Clorox Wipes, baby wipes do not contain enough alcohol to work with ease. Makeup wipes also don’t work. If you do not have Clorox wipes the only other emergency situation product that does work is Stridex acne wipes:

HOWEVER, Stridex Wipes are really wet, so this works for plastic bottles and tubes but should be used very sparingly on area with the paper label:

Another option would be to use literal clear alcohol, such as the vodka you have in your cupboard. Clear hand sanitizer would also work. Basically you need something that contains enough alcohol to clean.  Again, these substances are wet, so they'll work fine on plastic or metal but be careful of paper labels. 

Also, Soap and Water = soapy, wet mess and you are almost certain to damage or discolor the label if it is made of paper.  If you must go the wet route, consider using a Q-tip and applying only where needed. 

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