Online Sellers: 8 Amazing Uses for Single Socks

Online Sellers: 8 Amazing Uses for Single Socks

Posted by Big Brand on 11th Jul 2021

This article is for online sellers however anyone can take advantage of these 8 fantastic ways to use those individual socks that you don't know what else to do with!

Glasses holder: If you bought sunglasses (or reading glasses) and they don’t have a case; after you list them, put them in a sock! Now you can store them on your shelf without worry of dust-collection or, God forbid, a scratch!

Store shoes: Slipping the shoes each inside of it’s own sock prevents them from rubbing against each other and therefore eliminates scuffing or damage!

Preventative moth balls for Inventory Protection: Place moth balls or moth crystals inside a clean sock and hang from the ceiling of your closet, place on a shelf, or store with winter clothes. To counteract the odor of the mothball. This is VERY ESSENTIAL if you are selling wool, cashmere or silk! And don’t forget that most moth balls / crystals will also eliminate other pests such as Carpet Beetles as well as Eggs!

Protect valuables: When you’re moving your inventory around or moving your entire storage area, place valuables into old socks to protect them in transit for a firm hold that protects the merch

Protect golf clubs: Although this is hugely popular for golfers, you can apply this same technique to other items that you don’t want to get “dinged up”. Use old socks to cover the heads of golf clubs.

DIY dryer balls: This may sound insane but it’s true! If you have to launder your thrift store purchase or if you received that store return pair of jeans that has an odor of some kind, thus resulting in a trip through your washer and dryer, you can throw some tennis balls inside a sock and it will have the same result as a dryer ball! Best of all, they last basically forever!

DIY potpourri bundle: If your inventory room has “that smell”; you know the smell, it’s not “bad” but it’s not “great”, here’s the solution! Fill an old, clean sock with potpourri and secure the end with a ribbon or rubber band. Make sure the potpourri you select is scent people like (AVOID florals, coconut or similar). Some of the top choices are Apple, Cinnamon, Orange, Vanilla and Lemon. Alternatively you can instead add fragrance oil drops to the sock. My personal advice is, if you want to go the oil route, pick “All Natural” oils. I suggest this because oils can be very strong and can impact some peoples sinuses.

DIY Swiffer refill: Clean up your inventory room while cutting costs! Chenille socks can make reusable Swiffer covers. Just slip the sock over the Swiffer head, positioning the sock opening in the center so the entire underside is covered. 

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