How to Order Wholesale Liquidations through

Ordering is very simple! How would you like step-by-step directions?:  

Below is a step-by-step video guide to walk you through finding merchandise, buying, applying coupons, printing invoices, checking tracking, getting tracking updates, transit times and more!  If the video is too small, click here to watch it on Vimeo.

Don't want to watch the video tutorial?  Here's instructions with photos.

STEP 1: Browse our site to find merchandise you like.  At the top of our site you will see SHOP BY CATEGORY, SHOP BY BRAND, SHOP BY TOTAL COST and other links: 


SHOP BY CATEGORY is where you can view TYPES of merchandise, such as Womens Clothing, Mens Clothing, Kids Stuff, Body Care, etc.

SHOP BY BRAND is where you can view listings that contain a certain brand, such as Victorias Secret, QVC or Gloria Vanderbilt. Our SHOP BY BRAND category lists the brands we get in most, however we also carry thousands of other brands that are not in this category.

SHOP BY TOTAL COST allows you to view merchandise that fits your budget.  If you have $200 to spend you can select SHOP BY COST then click $150 - $300. If you have $600 to spend you can select the $500+ option. 

STEP 2: You can use the Sub-Category links to narrow down your browsing if you'd like:


Sub Categories are very useful if you are trying to find a specific thing, such as Womens Long Sleeve Shirts, Kids Clothing Sets or Mens dress pants

STEP 3: When you see something that interests you, click on it to open the listing.  Now you can see the price, how many we have in stock:


If you scroll down you will see the Description section.  Every listing contains a video so you can see the exact merchandise you will be purchasing.  Simply click the PLAY button to start the video:


Under the video you will see information about the merchandise in the Lot, including the Quantity of items you will be receiving as well as which store it came from and what TYPE of merchandise it is (Liquidations, Overstocks, Store Returns, etc):


If you are not sure what "Liquidations" or "Store Returns" or "Overstocks" means, you can read about the condition in the listing:


STEP 4: When you find merchandise you want, click the ADD TO CART button:


STEP 5: Now you can Continue Shopping for more merchandise or View Cart.  I am going to View Cart:


The Shopping Cart shows what you plan to buy... just like a shopping cart at a grocery store.  If you decide you do not want items in your cart, simply click the "X" icon to remove them:


STEP 6: If everything looks good you can enter a coupon code or Checkout


STEP 7: Next I am going to fill out each step.  

First, I will enter the email address that I want my email confirmation receipt / invoice and tracking numbers sent to. 

Then I will type the address I want it SHIPPED to:


Next, you MUST CLICK ON THE SHIPPING OPTION YOU WANT!  If you do not CLICK on a shipping method you will NOT be able to continue:


We offer three shipping options if you are inside the USA:

  • FREE shipping inside the USA
  • FREE pickup from our warehouse in Wayne, Michigan
  • or you can upgrade your order to Priority Mail Shipping if you need it even faster

When you CLICK on the shipping method you want it will change color:


STEP 8: Now click CONTINUE:


STEP 9: Now it is time to make payment.  If you want to pay with a credit or debit you can enter it into the Credit Card spot on the site:


We also accept Pay Pal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay / G-Pay and more:


STEP 10: If you need Financing you can select Pay Pal Credit:


Finally, Agree to Terms and Conditions then click PLACE ORDER:



If your BILLING address is different from your SHIPPING address, Go to STEP 2 of the Checkout page and UNCHECK the box that says "My Billing Address is the Same as My Shipping Address".  Simply CLICK on the box to uncheck it:


After you UNCHECK the box, a new step will be added to checkout.  Here you can type the BILLING address that matches your credit card:



You can enter 1 coupon code per order.  You can paste the code into the box at checkout:



If you see an error that says "Credit Card Number Must Be Valid", this means you did not type the correct card number or expiration date:how-to-buy-wholesale-2020-24.jpg

If you see an error that says this:


It could mean several different things:

  • The CVC code is wrong
  • The card has insufficient funds to make the purchase
  • The card is expired or closed
  • The bank is declining the transaction for other reasons 

How to resolve this error:

  1. Check the CVC code to make sure it matches the card
  2. Also check the card numbers, the BILLING address and the name on the card.  You can have the order shipped anywhere you would like but the BILLING address needs to match the bank statement. 
  3. Log into your credit card/ debit card account and make sure there are sufficient AVAILABLE funds.  Pending payments will temporarily decrease the amount of available funds.
  4. If you have sufficient funds, call the phone number on the back of your card and ask why your bank is blocking the transaction.  It is common for AI (Artificial Intelligence) to incorrectly block valid payments, especially if the payment you are trying to make is $300 or higher. Once you call your bank they will "unblock" the transaction so you can pay. After the bank has removed the block, simply try to pay again and you should have no issues. 


Once you have successfully placed an order you will be immediately sent an invoice (receipt) via email. Want to know what our invoices look like?  Need to print, download or send a PDF copy of your invoice?  Check out our page called QUESTIONS ABOUT INVOICES.


Most orders ship same day, if ordered before 12pm EST (excluding weekends and holidays). International Orders can take longer to ship due to Customs Form filing.