Looking for SKIMS Wholesale?

Looking for SKIMS Wholesale?

Posted by Big Brand on 3rd Apr 2023

We get dozens of inquires a week asking for skims wholesale. Ours Skims comes to us when we buy pallets and truckloads of N*RDSTR*M, BL**MINGDALES, M*CYS and similar, liquidations and overstocks.  Unfortunately, there has not been any Skims liquidations in large quantity since June 2022.  Ever since Covid, these famous brand stores have closed a lot of their locations, so there hasn't been much extra stock available for us to purchase.  We have indeed gotten in Skims since, but it has been small quantities, like 40 pieces or less.  If you are interested in a smaller quantity mixed lot, we may have some available in our Wholesale Spanx, Skims and MiracleSuit category.  We add new products daily. 

As soon as Skims becomes available for us to purchase again, we will buy as much as they have available! You can find out when we restock skims by following us on social media and also joining our mailing list:




Snapchat: Search for “BuyWholesale”



Google: http://G.Page/BuyWholesale



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