16+ Ways to Hide STAINS on Clothing

16+ Ways to Hide STAINS on Clothing

Posted by Big Brand on 3rd Jun 2020

Looking for ways to cover a stain that you can't get out of clothing?  Here's a fantastic guide!

Stencils - Stencils can be used with bleach, dye or even fabric markers to cover stains that you can't get out.  If your stain is black ink, simply opt to color your stencil in black.  Most stencils can be used multiple times, making them an "investment" as opposed to a "quick fix". 

Patches.  Patches are great for stains and holes.  A patch not only solves the problem but also can make a piece look AMAZING!!  There's simple color-block style patches as well as character patches and awesome shapes.  

Sew-On Beads / Gems

Iron-On / Hotfix Beads & Gems.  What girl doesn't love diamonds?! I am a big fan of high-quality Hot Fix.  I once covered an entire pair of old ADIDAS shoes in them and it looked INCREDIBLE!! If you're not familiar with Hot Fix, it's a gemstone with a glue-back that permanently adheres when the Hot Fix "gun" heats up.  Seriously worth every cent!  If you don't want to go with a Hot Fix option, there's also sew-on gems:

Iron-On or Sew-On Sequins! These are basically the same as patches, which makes covering a stain so simple!

Lace Trim:

Appliques come in fancy styles and regular. Some are Iron-On while others can be sewn on:

Ribbon Trim:

Fringe! Fringe comes in easy-to-use rolls that can be a fantastic way to hide an imperfection!

If you can’t cover the damage, you can INCREASE the damage to create a “destroyed look”. This is very simple, very fast and also exceptionally popular:

I have done this to my own clothing by just using cheap razor blades. I buy mine in bulk off Amazon because I also use them to scrape the algae off my aquarium glass. These are the exact ones I purchase. They’re about $12 for 100 GREAT QUALITY, super sharp razors:

Iron-On Bows These can be in the form of patches that you simple iron-on the garment like any other patch:

SEW-ON incredible bows!! Look at this GIANT Lot of bows (50 PIECES!!!) for under $9!!!! If you have a larger area to cover, you could easily pop on 3 bows and create a super girly look!

If you’re not into bows, flowers are also another solid option for womens or kids apparel, specifically “3D Flowers”:

They come in tons of colors and sizes. Many can also be glued on using a high quality FABRIC GLUE. Even though other glues are better known, Elmers has the highest ratings and is totally affordable:

Vinyl (Iron-On). This is not for the non-creative types! Vinyl needs to be cut to specific size before applying. If you’re a non-creative type you should aim for a different option. If you are crafty then this is an excellent option! Check out the amazing sparkle options below:

Depending on the material, you may be able to use a Material Hole Punch to create a bunch of matching holes in the attire:

Hole punchers are typically used on thicker materials, such as Leather.

Fabric Dye is another simple option to hide stains. Dye is super cheap on Amazon and comes in every color you can imagine. If you pick a color that matches the stain; problem solved!

If you don’t want to straight-up-dye, you can go with a fun Tie Dye option:

Fabric Paint is another gem for the crafty types. These are a little more upfront but you get a ton of paint that you can use for YEARS:

If you love to draw and are pretty decent at it, you can customize an item with original art using Fabric Markers:

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