Pickup in Wayne Michigan

PICKUP HOURS: Monday - Friday, 8am - 3pm.  We are closed weekends and on most major Holidays (typically Christmas Day, New Years Day, Easter, 4th of July).  We are not able to accommodate weekend or night pickup requests because we are a small business; All of our staff have children or commitments. Some of our staff have grandchildren.  If you are unable to make it between 8am-3pm M-F please simply order online and have it shipped.

LOCATION: We moved to a new Michigan location in October 2017. It's conveniently located to make pickups much easier!  We are located off EAST Michigan Avenue, between Merriman and Venoy. 

For some reason Google Maps and Verizon Navigation does not properly navigate to us.


Please use this address in your navigation: 32711 Michigan Ave, Wayne, MI 48184

The address above will take you to Red Apple restaurant.  We are located in the same plaza, directly behind the restaurant. You can literally park at the restaurant and walk 20 feet to our door, we are the CORNER unit ,#3441. We have had buyers contact us from the Red Apple and say they still cannot find our warehouse.  If you watch the video at the beginning of this page you will see exactly where we are. Tip: If you are hungry we highly recommend ordering the pizza at Red Apple. 


Please ring the door bell so we know you have arrived.  Please have your drivers license ready.  No merchandise can leave without identity verification.  If you do not wish to show your license please have it shipped instead of picked up.  You will enter into our Customer Pickup Room:


The image above shows a table that you can use to open all of your parcels and inspect the merchandise.  We installed chandeliers so you have adequate lighting.

HOW TO REMOVE SHIPPING CHARGES FROM ORDER: Simply enter coupon code "PICKUP" at checkout and shipping charges will be removed from the order.  You can use ONE coupon code per order.  If you need to use PICKUP code and a Loyalty Rewards coupon code, please use your Loyalty Rewards coupon on the order then contact us after it is placed and let us know you plan to pickup.  We will then REFUND or CREDIT the pickup charges.  A credit can be used on the next order.  A refund goes back to the payment method.


1. We do NOT have a "shopping area". Everything in our warehouse is videoed, counted and sealed into parcels:


As you can see, it would not be logical to have people open the sealed Lots to browse them.  If you would like to browse, simply Shop our Site.  You'll see the video we recorded showing the exact merchandise in every listing.  We do this so you can "See it Before You Buy it". 

2. Orders MUST be placed online.  We do NOT have cash on hand. We do not have a credit card machine. Additionally, our inventory and accounting is synced to internet orders data.  If you are concerned with typing your credit card numbers into our site you can instead by by Pay Pal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Google Wallet / Google Pay or any of the other payment options we have available. You can view all of the options at Checkout on our site.

3. "Can I look at it when I come to pick it up?" - of course you can! In fact, we have a table so you can open your order up and spend as much time as you would like analyzing each piece.  If you have any issues we are happy to immediately address them.

4."Can I look at it BEFORE I buy it?" - You can take a tour of our warehouse by watching the video below.  As you will see in the video, we do not have a shopping area. All of our merchandise is sealed and ready for a shipping label: 

BUT, we record videos of every Lot so you can see exactly what you are buying before you buy it.  

5. "When can I pickup?" -Usually you can pick up same-day if the order is placed BEFORE noon.  If the order is placed after 12pm you may have to wait until the following day.  WE CONTACT YOU VIA EMAIL TO SET UP YOUR APPOINTMENT. The email you use on your order is the email we use to contact you. HOWEVER you are welcome to order then contact us if you prefer.  You can even schedule your pickup through Text Support 734 707 9878 or through email at Support@BigBrandWholesale.com

We are available for pickup Monday through Friday from 8am - 3pm.  Our warehouse does not work Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays.  During the summer months our warehouse may leave early on Fridays.  Most of our staff goes camping on weekends and likes to hit the road before rush hour, so we absolutely recommend contacting us BEFORE you drive to our location.

6. Valid drivers license MUST be present to pickup.  If you do not have a drivers license or do not wish to show it, simply have the items shipped to you instead of picking up.  

Have more questions?  CONTACT US: 

TEXT MESSAGE support:  737 707 9878 - average response time: 5 minutes or less during normal business hours

EMAIL: Support@BigBrandWholesale - average response time: 2 hours or less during normal business hours