Pickup in Wayne Michigan



COMPLETE VIDEO INSTRUCTIONS: (having problems watching the video below? Click here to watch on

OUR LOCATION:  We are located in Wayne, Michigan (48184), off of Michigan Ave, between Venoy and Merriman Road. NAVIGATION IS WRONG! Here’s simple written instructions:

  • Go East on Michigan Avenue (toward Detroit)
  • Pass Venoy Road
  • Pass the Mobile Gas Station on the right side of the road
  • Pass the Red Apple Restaurant
  • Pass the “40MPH” Sign
  • Turn right down Cadillac Street.
  • Our gated yard is at the dead end.
  • Turn right into our gated yard and you will see the pickup area. :)






****AS SOON AS YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER, PLEASE CONTACT US VIA TEXT (734 707 9878) OR EMAIL ( TO LET US KNOW YOU PLACED A PICKUP.***** If you do not contact us to let us know you placed a pickup, we will not be able to start your pickup processing until we see that you placed a pickup order. Depending on how busy we are, this could take 20 minutes, or several hours. By messaging us promptly you will be able to have your order expedited.

WHEN CAN I COME GET IT? We MUST receive your order before 12:30PM EST to have it ready for pickup same-day. Orders placed after 12:30pm EST will be ready for pickup the following morning. OUR GATE IS LOCKED AT 2:35PM, SO YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GET IN UNTIL THE FOLLOWING MORNING.  Orders placed after-hours, or Friday after 12:30pm, will be ready for pickup the following business-day morning.

OUR HOURS: Pickup is available from 8am - 2:30pm EST, Monday through Friday. After that our gate is locked. Pickup is NOT available on Major USA Holidays (New Years Day, Easter Day, 4th of July, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and we leave early on New Years Eve)

HOW IT WORKS: After we receive your message stating that you placed a pickup order we will pull the order and place it in our gated yard, inside of a locked, waterproof bin. We will then EMAIL AND TEXT you your bin color and lock combination when the pickup is ready for you. We kindly ask that you pickup as soon as you can so we have time to sanitize the lock and bin to get it ready for the next customer. SANTITIZER IS AVAILABLE FOR YOUR USE. Please kindly use sanitizer, but leave the bottle for the next customer. :)

HOW TO OPEN YOUR BIN: When you arrive, simply open your bin using the 3-digit lock code by lining your code up with the Dots on the lock:


Then SLIDE the pin toward the center to unlock (it is a standard TSA-Approved Luggage Lock). Here's visual instructions: