15+ Things I Have Made from Totally Broken Jewelry, Scrap Fabric, Empty Boxes and More

15+ Things I Have Made from Totally Broken Jewelry, Scrap Fabric, Empty Boxes and More

Posted by Big Brand on 20th Aug 2020

This week we have discussed What to Do with Broken Earrings and Ideas for Upcycling Damaged Necklaces, but today I wanted to show you just a couple things I personally made using damaged jewelry. 

Here's some super quick videos of a couple of my projects:

If you liked that table, here's a few more that utilize scrap pieces (mirror tiles, ribbon, jewelry, etc) these pics are super old, so the photo quality kind of sucks. Sorry!:

This is the Flamingo on top of the very first table.  The flamingo is also embellished using gems and broken jewelry:

The black chain to hang the flamingo art is a broken purse handle :) 

You can also use broken jewelry to make really fab purse charms and key chains:

For October, I embellished unsellable BRAS and made a Great Display!


Here's broken jewelry used to decorate a hideous "garage storage" shelf:

I also got some showcases dirt-cheap off Craigslist, but they were in TERRIBLE visual condition. Even after painting them they still looked really bad, so it seemed like a great opportunity to make glam!

Tree decor with scrap gems:

Why stop there? Flowers, cheap mirror tiles, unsellable makeup and jewelry on WALLS! 

Small pieces can be used / sold as Nail Art!  These are not my nails, unfortunately.  I wish mine were this pretty!:

If you have a ton of shells from necklaces and such, making a photo frame is the easiest thing EVER:

But don't let your decorating end with just small objects.  You can also decorate on a MASSIVE SCALE, whether its with broken jewelry, scrap fabric or anything else!  Here's a few more things I have made:


Close-up view:

"Fairy Door" made out of damaged boot, scrap jewelry and fake flowers:

For some strange reason, ceilings are my fav. I think it's because there's so much space to work with!  Here's my "Las Vegas Ceiling", complete with LED lights:

But, I also did an Ocean theme ceiling using scrap material. I inserted color-change LED lights so it would change color:

So, my friends, that's just a couple crazy ideas of what is possible with utter scraps and broken jewelry! Want to learn more projects? Check out our Store Returns section of our blog for TONS of ideas!

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