Can Scratched Sunglasses Be Fixed? Here's Your Options

Can Scratched Sunglasses Be Fixed? Here's Your Options

Posted by Big Brand on 24th Sep 2020

If you absolutely love buying Store Returns, Liquidations and Salvage chances are you have come across an imperfect pair of sunglasses. No need to throw them out! Today I am going to give you options for fixing them.

BEFORE YOU BEGIN: You want to fully clean the lens so you can see exactly what is imperfect. By correctly cleaning the lens you may realize that the damage is far less than you originally thought... or if you get super lucky you may discover it's not a scratch, but instead crud. By using special wipes you can correctly clean the glasses. These wipes are $16 for 210 wipes:

OPTION 1: If the damage is super severe AND the glasses are super expensive, the easiest thing to do is simply get “replacement lenses”. Replacements are available for all big brand glasses (Oakley, Gucci, etc). The replacement lenses will run you around $24 - $35, give or take for both pieces (right and left lens included).  Here’s a website that sells a ton of leading brand replacements for $24 per pair.

OPTION 2: You can even have custom lenses created, which is so much cheaper than you would think! It will cost about $65. So, if you have a pair of $400 glasses, paying $65 to restore them to new is an awesome idea.  Companies like FuseLenses make it super simple to get custom lenses made. They send you a box to ship your glasses to them.  Once it arrives to Fuse, they perform custom cutting and install lenses made just for your sunglasses.  

Prices will range between $39.99 to $59.99 depending on which lenses you were interested in plus a $20 "lab fee", which is beyond reasonable. To start the process with Fuse, please visit this page to choose your lenses:

OPTION 3 : If the glasses aren’t expensive, or aren’t worth paying $50 to restore, then the next option is to try to “hack it”. Keep in mind, a hack is going to go one of three ways; 

  • either it will work OR
  • it won’t work OR 
  • it won’t work BUT it will destroy the glasses

With that being said, I am not sure if its ever possible to "fix" a scratch.  I think all of the hacks are "filling" or "hiding", instead of actually repairing. 

Things that KIND OF WORK: Toothpaste… yes, seriously, it CAN hide exterior scratches. BUT, the scratches will still be visible to the person WEARING them, even though they will no longer be visible when onlookers are seeing the person wearing the glasses. Here’s the Toothpaste Method:

OPTION 4: If you don't mind taking a gamble with your glasses, it would be better to try a Lens Scratch Repair Kit.  The only thing I can find with legitimate good reviews is this kit on Amazon for $18:

This specific kit has many great reviews that specifically say it saved their glasses:

BUT, the packaging of this kit does say "Not recommended for eye glasses or coated plastics", BUT, in my opinion, if your option is to try to save the glasses or throw them out, its absolutely worth trying!

.Want to give it a try?  Check out this kit on Amazon

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