Online Sellers: Purse Missing it's Strap? How To Replace!

Online Sellers: Purse Missing it's Strap? How To Replace!

Posted by Big Brand on 9th Jul 2021

If you love buying liquidations, store returns or salvage merchandise, or maybe you love getting your inventory from the thrift store; either way you likely will come across a purse missing it's strap. Here's exactly how to replace it!

We have divided these by Style:


Chain straps match with almost any style of purse. If you’re not sure which color to get, look at the hardware (zippers, screws, etc) on the purse and match the metal color:

If the zipper is black the chain should also be black but if the zipper is gold the chain should be gold, like shown in the purse image above.

Chain straps primarily come in these main colors:





GUN METAL (Dark Silver)

However sometimes you can find them in PewterCopper or White


Leather, or leather-like (pleather) purse straps also come in a variety of colors. These can be a little bit tougher to match unless the purse is true jet black. Sometimes it is easier to match the strap to a contrasting color in the bag than try to match the exact shade of red, brown or yellow however it is absolutely worth taking a look, especially if you are trying to replace the strap on a very basic color of bag. Once again make sure you pay attention to the hardware color and be sure to get the replacement strap that has the sample color clasps / buckles as the original bag:

Brown Replacement Purse Straps

Black Replacement Purse Straps

White Replacement Purse Straps

Gray Replacement Purse Straps

Yellow Replacement Purse Straps

Green Replacement Purse Straps

Blue Replacement Purse Straps

Pink Replacement Purse Straps

Purple Replacement Purse Straps


Flowers / Floral Replacement Purse Straps

Multi-Color Patterns Replacement Purse Straps

Striped Replacement Purse Strap

KNIT Replacement Purse Straps

Pearl Bead Replacement Purse Strap


GOLD Replacement Purse Strap

SILVER Replacement Purse Strap

BRONZE Replacement Purse Strap

COPPER Replacement Purse Strap


LEOPARD / CHEETAH Replacement Purse Strap

ZEBRA Replacement Purse Strap

SNOW LEOPARD (It might be easier to use black for this one because these are often sold out!)

CROCODILE Replacement Purse Strap


If all else fails, try these options:

1. Go for a CLEAR Replacement Purse Strap

2. Buy from (AKA: JoAnn Fabrics website).  They usually have a fairly decent assortment (KEEP READING FOR A BIG MONEY SAVING TIP!!!)

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3. Sell that purse as "Missing strap".  

4. Look on BUT make sure you also use Mr.Rebates because you will get 1% or more cash back on ever eBay purchase; no catch, no gimmicks AND you can still get eBay Bucks or whatever promotion eBay is running at that time!  Want more info?  Check out our full review:


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