Amazon Ungating: Not Able to Verify Supplier Email (Explained!)

Amazon Ungating: Not Able to Verify Supplier Email (Explained!)

Posted by Big Brand on 27th Jul 2023

Amazon Ungating: Some people get Ungated same-day, others take weeks, we have seen some take months, then theres people who get rejected. Today we are going to discuss rejections.

Before we can look at rejections, let me explain the overall process to you, from the wholesalers perspective.

We give you an invoice instantly when the order is placed. We ship your order. The order arrives to you and you apply for Ungating. IF Amazon chooses to Ungate you, before they do that, they send us an email 

The email looks like this:

How Does Amazon Verify a Wholesaler Invoice for Ungating? How Long Does it  Take? - Big Brand Wholesale

We then have to “verify” the email.  Thats it. Thats the entire process on our end. We do not have meetings with Amazon. They do not call us. We do not have an “Amazon Ungating Rep”. They simply send an email, although twice they did use Live Chat on our site, which was kind of bizarre. Regardless, the entire process from our end is:

1. Ship the Order

2. IF Amazon emails us, we verify the order by providing the name, address and email on the order as well as looking up the tracking number to make sure it was delivered. 

There are no other steps. They do not contact us unless they are at the final stage before Ungating. Now lets discuss rejections…

One thing you have to understand is that Amazon it’s its own animal, per say, meaning, Amazon does what it wants, when it wants, how it wants and, unfortunately, they are not very clear about decisions they make and why they made them or even who made them; all of the emails sent to us as signed as "Amazon Seller Performance Team".  There isn't even an employees name or phone number.  All of the emails sent from Amazon to you are similar. 

For example, if you apply for Ungating and they choose not to Ungate you, you will likely receive one of these two emails:

Email #1:

Email #2: 

Both of these emails are very vague, generic replies that essentially shift the blame from Amazon to the wholesaler, which is exceptionally unfair for the wholesaler who did nothing wrong, because, as mentioned, we only have two steps: Ship, then Verify IF Amazon reaches out.  If you look at the first vague email, it is telling you to submit information you have already submitted, so that makes no sense.  If you look at the second email, if the merchandise is in your possession, the order has been filled, so that makes no sense either.  So what is ACTUALLY going on here?  We shall explain...

If Amazon does not reach out we have no way to “Verify”, therefore, they could not "verify" the order. Its like saying you couldn't verify your grocery store receipt... because you never went to the grocery store, so duh!  


If you receive one of the emails shown above, it actually means something is wrong, somewhere along the line, therefore they never reached out to us, therefore we did not verify the order. So, now lets take a look at some of the things that could go wrong:

  • You submitted the invoice before merchandise arrived. You will not be Ungated if the merchandise is not in your possession.  This is to prevent fraud (meaning, someone places a wholesale order, gets the invoice, submits it right away, then cancels the order).
  • Seller Metrics are too low, meaning your account does not qualify for Ungating. If your account is brand new, you cannot get Ungated in any brand until you basically prove yourself worthy of Ungating.
  • You chose to buy through a company who does not work with Amazon to Ungate buyers. You have to understand that from the Wholesalers perspective, they are expected to spend their time and energy responding to these Amazon Ungating requests, without any pay from Amazon. So the employer who owns the wholesale company is paying their staff to work for Amazon to get you Ungated. A large percentage of wholesalers have chosen to opt out because it is a lot of time and money spent to build instead of their own site. Here at we do reply to all email Ungating requests from Amazon, and we reply same-day.
  • Account is not set up properly. This can include business name, business information, email address conflicting with business, address, tax ID, etc.
  • Business name and information not added to invoice
  • UPC not added to invoice
  • Merchandise is not currently being Ungated
  • Merchandise is Restricted
  • Incorrect merchandise purchased (Not duplicate items. Mixed lots do not qualify for Ungating)
  • Account suspected of Fraud: Invoice fraud, address fraud, account fraud, counterfeits; whatever it is, its fraud.
  • You did not follow Amazons lengthy instructions. They will not Ungate someone who does not take the time to learn the process. The point of Ungating is to weed out people who don’t follow instructions
  • You were rejected once and immediately resubmitted the exact same invoice again. If you resubmit multiple times you will be locked out of Ungating, at least in that specific brand.
  • You are submitting Receipts, not Invoices
  • There’s endless reasons, and, unfortunately, only Amazon knows the real reason and they don’t tell you what it is and they don’t tell us either.

If you have been rejected, BEFORE submitting the invoice again, RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH!!!! The Amazon Seller Forums, YouTube, blogs; there’s so many 100% FREE resources out there to help you learn what went wrong. If you truly want to be successful and you want the success to be on Amazon, you have to put in the time and energy. There is no wholesaler who can guarantee Ungating, but people get Ungated daily. Spend a weekend researching and learning what went wrong and how to fix it. 

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