14 More Ideas for Totally Damaged Clothing - Don't Throw it Out!

14 More Ideas for Totally Damaged Clothing - Don't Throw it Out!

Posted by Big Brand on 2nd Jun 2020

If you buy Liquidations, Store Returns of Salvage it is not uncommon to occasionally get pieces of inventory that are too damaged to sell. In previous articles we discussed How to Write Off Damaged Inventory on Your Tax Returns as well as Ideas for Repurposing Totally Damaged Clothing. So today we are going to give you more “Upcycling” ideas - take that damaged merch and turn it into something awesome!

It always sucks to get damaged stuff, but ruined jeans can be a huge downer, especially if the hole is in the crotch or another area that there is simply no fix. BUT...jeans that are too damaged to sell have a TON of uses! I would totally buy ANY of these items:

What a great idea for that necktie with a stain that wont come out or a little snag! You have to admit that this is actually a really friggin cool idea:

Now this might be a little bit beyond my very-basic-sewing abilities but heck, it’s absolutely worth a try if the only other option is throwing an amazing dress out!

Another BRILLIANT idea for that beautiful top with a stain that wont come out or a snag around the neckline! I actually really love how this looks!  Did I mention that this idea is NO SEW?!

Need Cheap Stencils? AMAZON!!! 

Another great way to hide a stain! This simple bleach stencil tutorial is so simplistic!

BTW, my personal fav stencils are the Star Stencils on Amazon. Stars just seem to go with everything, in my opinion!  I think the big star and small stars (shown below) would look amazing together on absolutely ANYTHING:

And here’s another AMAZING jeans tutorial! Imagine if you have jeans with a rip in the crotch area, boom! Here’s the solution!

This next tutorial has my two favorite words… “NO SEW”! LOL! Plus it looks fantastic:

And another totally stellar idea for a stained, snagged or ripped Tee:

If you want INCREDIBLE sew-on (and no-sew!) beads, check these beauties out (Also Amazon!):

OMFG, is this not a totally ADORABLE idea for a pair of stained shorts?!

And another absolutely bad ass idea for jeans with a stain! Let’s say your stain is ink from an ink tag or even an ink pen or marker… this solves EVERY problem and looks sooooo cool!

Switching back to Mens merchandise, here’s a wonderful idea for a ruined mens (or womens) button-up dress shirt:

Or, check out these super cute bibs! These look pretty easy, even for those of us who don’t sew well!

This next tutorial has another two of my fav words… “SUPER EASY”! Quickly make awesome fingerless gloves (a MUST HAVE here in Michigan during the winter!)

Have some ruined Flannel shirts? This article has a TON of super cool ideas! Most look easy enough for people like me! I really love how the Christmas Stockings look:


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