Online Sellers:  How to Fix Separated Nail Polish

Online Sellers: How to Fix Separated Nail Polish

Posted by Big Brand on 27th Dec 2020

If you love buying liquidations or store returns, chances are you have come across separated nail polish. You may think you need to throw these away but that isn’t true! Here’s why polish separates and how to fix it:

polish separates because the colorants-pigmented particles suspended in the formula-vary in weight. Heavier ones tend to settle at the bottom over time, but rolling the bottle between your hands will remix them sufficiently for use.


OPTION 1: Shake the bottle. Yep, that is the answer! Many nail technicians suggest, instead of shaking, roll it in your hands for 30 seconds. Although this method is great if you’re keeping the polish, you may want to actually fix the problem if you are selling it. So, instead:

OPTION 2: But you can also opt to add a couple “polish drops”. One of the top recommendations is “Seche Restore

The polish drops are specifically designed to restore polishes to "new"!  Check out the reviews

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