Store Returns: How to Fix a Hole in Clothing

Store Returns: How to Fix a Hole in Clothing

Posted by Big Brand on 24th Mar 2020

So, you bought Store Returns or Liquidations and found a garment with a hole.  Here's what to do!

There are only three ways to fix a hole:

1. Sew it

2. Hide it

3. Add More - AKA "Destroyed Look"

So now that you know what the three options are, let's discuss each.  


This is probably pretty self explanatory.  If you don't know much about sewing you can either try to lean (YouTube is AMAZING for this!) or you can bring it to someone who knows how to sew or you can pick a different option from the list.  I don't want to put a bunch of YouTube sewing videos into this listing, but you can easily visit and search for "How to Fix Hole in (whatever it is)" and you will find TONS of helpful ideas.   


This is way more up my alley, lol!  There's a lot of ways to hide a hole, depending HOW big it is, WHERE it is located and WHAT is is on.  Holes on jeans are usually simple, unless they're in the crotch.  Holes on shirts are also pretty easy unless they're in an armpit. 

So, let's look at a few ideas to hide it.  You'll obviously have to use your own judgement based on HOW, WHERE and WHAT.  

Sew-On Patches 50 Patches for under $13!!

Iron On Patches - Tons to Choose From and lots of sizes too:

$17 for all:

$13 for all:

This two-pack of detailed floral iron-ons is under $6 and looks really friggin nice:

There's also cut-to-size patches that can look really cool depending where you put them.  Remember, you can also put a 2nd patch somewhere that does NOT have a hole.  You don't only need to embellish holes!

Then there's iron-on and sew-on embellishments that are not patches.  I think we can all agree these are totally fab!  These only cost around $8 each!:

There are also sew-ons for center-designs:

Sew-On Gems are another cool option:

50 Pieces only $7.99 (or less!)

I love these!!! You get 80 for under $9!!:

For a retro / hippy / girly look, grab a big bag of 100 Crochet Flowers for under $11!

Glue-On or HotFix Embellishments are equally fantastic for covering small areas:

Regardless of what products you buy, you should also pick up a great quality fabric glue and a wonderful assorted-color, complete sewing kit.  

Fabri-Tac is fantastic.  Even though Aleenes is cheaper, it is NOT a good quality.  Fabri-Tac is about $10 but it's a really great quality fabric glue.  

This $12 sewing kit is the best out there because it gives you every color of thread plus everything you can think of:


The last option is to "Destroy" it by adding more holes / slashes.  You cab also combine patches and/or embellishments with the destroyed look.  

There's lots of YouTube tutorials that show you how to "destroy" apparel.  

Depending where your hole is, you can also do "Twists" (I think these are so awesome!):

If you want to see more badass designs, do a Google Image Search for "Destroyed Tank Top" or "Twisted Back Tank Top" 

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