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We offer **TEXT MESSAGE** SUPPORT 734.707.9878


We are proud to be a Michigan Business!  If you wish to pickup from our pickup location please click here

All of our merchandise comes directly from stores.  Everything we sell is in-stock and ready to ship.  We don't use Dropshippers, this is why we are able to ship your order so quickly.  

We typically receive merchandise by the truckload. When it arrives we separate it into Categories; we put the mens sweaters in a Mens Sweater Pile, we put the kids tees in a Kids Tees pile and so on.  We also weed our any noticeable major damage and ink tags / security sensors. 

We then divide each pile into "Lots" and prep them for video.  

Next the Lot is Videoed for our Vimeo Channel.  We have over 8 HOURS a day of 2-minute videos watched!

After the video has been completed the merchandise is counted twice by two different employees and documented.  This is how we are able to assure that no merchandise is missing. It is at this time the Listing is created on our site.  Simultaneously the merchandise is linked to Accounting so we can determine our cost and create record of each piece within each Lot.

Once the contents have been double-verified it is packaged for shipping and sealed.  The merchandise is never opened again; it remains in its parcel until it sells. We never "pull-to-order" because it's not effective; when merchandise is left on the shelf until it ships there are too many opportunities for items to go missing. By packing it and sealing it shut immediately after being videoed, there is virtually no way an item can be unaccounted for.

During this process a Lot Number is assigned and a slip is created for each Lot.  The slip contains all of the data about that Lot; quantity of pieces, Lot number, weight and other groovy data.

Next the item is assigned a shelf location.  The shelf location is added to the slip as well as to the listing within our site.  If you look at the title of the listing you will notice a code, this code lets us know exactly where that Lot is stored within our warehouse. 

When the item sells it is pulled from the shelf location and brought to the shipping area where it is checked by two employees to assure the correct parcels were pulled.  Then a shipping label is printed and applied. When the label is printed the buyer receives an email with the Tracking Number.  This same Tracking is posted to the order within the buyers account. 

We then place all shipped parcels into a Holding Area where they await pickup.  Our Holding Area can get so big that the carrier has to send an empty truck just for our pickup!

...and that is our exact process!  With that being said, we often have potential buyers ask if we can "swap" items or remove / add items; unfortunately we cannot because it would be a ton of work, mess up our Accounting, change the cost of the Lot which would change the Sell-Price... it's actually pretty wild how much such a tiny "swap" changes everything!

We are also asked if buyers can come "browse our warehouse". Since everything is in sealed packages, there isn't anything to browse BUT if you wish to pickup you are welcome to purchase the merchandise and come pick it up.  upon pickup you are welcome to open the sealed parcel and look it over.  


  • Email Us: (Average Response Time: Within 24 Hours)
  • TEXT MESSAGE Support: 734.707.9878 TEXT MESSAGE ONLY NUMBER! DO NOT CALL IT. (Average Response Time: Within 25 minutes, excluding weekends and holidays)
  • We have discontinued phone support. Please email or use Text Message support.