Upsells for Online Stores PART 5: Additional Gift Wrap Upselling Ideas - Make Your Wrapping AWESOME

Upsells for Online Stores PART 5: Additional Gift Wrap Upselling Ideas - Make Your Wrapping AWESOME

Posted by Big Brand on 4th Apr 2020

When most people think of upselling the first thing they think of is a gift box or gift bag, but there's lots more things you can do to make your gift wrap upsell even fancier or more enticing.  The best part is, spending an extra $0.05 - $0.75 on these figurative "bells and whistles" can increase your upsell by an additional 100% or more, making it an amazing Return on Investment (ROI)!


Gift tags are a great way to make your Gift Wrap Upsell Awesome without spending much at all.  A single gift tag can transform the entire look of a gift or compliment amazing wrapping paper or a beautiful bag.   Let's check out some gift tag options:

Natural Cardstock (KRAFT COLOR) + Jute Twine Ribbons - 100 Pieces for only $4.99! (When on Sale on Amazon.  Regular price is $7.99).  OVER 500 5-STAR RATINGS!

There are also colored tags; 200 pieces for $11.99.  This is cool because it comes with a variety of different robes and ribbons!  Look at the killer assortment you get:

Or, you can get fancy-edge tags in KRAFT (brown), black or white; 100 pieces + Jute Rope for $6.99:

There's also "scalloped" edge tags that come in white, KRAFT (brown) that are  100 tags (plus Jute Rope) for under $4.99

There's seasonal Gift Tags that can work for more than than one occasion.  These gorgeous hearts are perfect for Valentines, Sweetest Day, Anniversaries, "Just Because" and more! 150 pieces +65 FEET of  Rope for under $10! 

Then there are  JUMBO full color print, 5" tall, die-cut shape gift tags, like these wreaths that are about $1 each. but they are so huge! A 5" gift tag is perfect for taking a plain white box and transforming it into a super upscale box; all you gotta do is add some sparkly ribbon and an upscale tag like this:

Or, jazz up your gift with a fantastic  snowflake tag.  100 pieces for under $7:


Tissue paper is one of those things you almost have to offer if you are upselling gift boxes or bags. DO NOT LISTEN TO OTHER ADVICE YOU SEE ONLINE - The DOLLAR STORE IS THE MOST EXPENSIVE PLACE TO BUY TISSUE!!!  Yes, it IS "only $1" but you also only get 10 sheets usually, which means your cost per piece of tissue is usually around 10 cents PER SHEET... UNLESS you can find this specific pack at The Dollar Tree...

The pack shown above is 25 pieces of 20x20" tissue, which puts your cost per piece at $0.04 (excluding sales tax).  The other way to get super deal tissue is to go to retails stores 1-2 weeks after a holiday and grab all the tissue they have in stock when it is 90% off.  

You can also check Amazon for decent deals or's Closeout section


Bows are a must-have if you gift wrap.  The great thing is that there's TONS of styles of bow. 

If you go with the basic bows, theres the  75pc Big 3" Hallmark brand bows for $9.99!, this puts your cost per bow at $0.13 cents.

Or you can go with "mini bows" if the packaging you have is smaller. 240 mini bows are only $13.99, which makes your cost $0.05 each

There's also actual "bow" bows.  These are a mega deal!  170 pieces for only $8.59; making your cost only $0.05 each:

The bow-bows 3.5" long x 2.5" wide plus the beautiful dangle ribbon, making them a nice size. 

There are also ribbon bows with a more classic look (180 bows for $8.69 = $0.05 each):

If you want the bow to be the focal point of the gift wrap, there's some seriously AMAZING bows, like these color change, light-up LED bows:

These incredible bows will run you around $1.83 each, but you can absolutely get a higher upsell price that justifies the expense. Personally, I would absolutely pay $5.99 - $6.99 for a gift wrap kit that included one of these!

Then there's "Curly Bows".  These are GIANT 6 inch long bows:

The gorgeous bows above are usually $29 but are on sale for under $15, which makes them only $0.62 each - GREAT DEAL!

Or you can get mega creative and offer a Curly Bow HAIR tie as the bow (perfect for draw string bags!)

These are $0.93 cents each but having a bow that you can literally USE is a cool upsell. 

Check out other Bow Listings on Amazon


Offering a card along with your gift wrap is not a bad idea! You can offer to customize the message (if the gift is being sent directly to the recipient) or you can include the blank card with the gift wrap if it is being sent to the buyer.  By offering a card in addition to the gift wrap you are increasing the VALUE of the upsell.  Since a card is included it is no longer a $4 upsell price, now it is $5.99 - $7.99.  

In order to keep your upsell inventory cost low, you should consider one or two cards that can be used for any occasion.  American greetings as 200 cards (each includes envelope) that are blank and poppy solid colors for $16.

Amazon has an amazing assortment of cards.  Check them out here. 


Charms are a really cool item because they make a gift bag bag handle look great, they compliment a ribbon / bow on a box AND they're a bonus gift.  This really fantastic chapstick holder key chain is something women need and they're only $0.72 cents per piece!

Or CRAZY DEAL  Tassel Key Chains - 150pc (which makes 50 total complete key chains) for $14.99 = $0.30 cents per key chain!

Or use chunky, adorable sequin key chains (I LOVE THESE!!!!) - Approximately $0.33 each when on sale.  Regular price is still a great deal of only $0.49 per key chain.  

there's also a cat-only Lot:

Or, if ya sell kids merch, this is a totally awesome keychain!  It's plush animals 

These amazing Plush Animal key chains are 28 animals for $17.95!  This means your cost is only 64-cents each!!  Such an amazing upsell! Heck, you could sell just the animal for 99-cents and still make around 40% profit!

Check out other key chains on Amazon

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