How to Upsell PART 3: Gift Bags Instead of Boxes - Cost, Profit and How to Pick the Right Packaging

How to Upsell PART 3: Gift Bags Instead of Boxes - Cost, Profit and How to Pick the Right Packaging

Posted by Big Brand on 2nd Apr 2020

In the first part of this series we discussed all of the different PAPER types so you can decide what paper composition you want to invest in for Upselling.  In Part 2 we discussed Gift Box types, cost and profit. But, if you don't want to go the box route, you can opt for Bags. There's so many different types of bags to choose from!
Let's begin!

Gift bags come in all shapes, colors, material, sizes and prices. First we will look at the most common types of gift bags then we'll examine the alternatives.  Quick comment: Gift bags are my FAV type of gift packaging.  I love getting them and they're great to give too!  Doesn't stuff just look awesome in a gift bag?!  


Bags are typically cheaper than boxes, especially if you go for Kraft paper. KRAFT is a big deal because it is 100% biodegradable and is made from Recycled Paper; offering a bag that is "environmentally friendly" is a big deal to a lot of people.   All of the KRAFT Bag options shown below are 20 bags for under $12:

KRAFT Bags get even cheaper when you purchase a larger quantity.   This one is 75 pieces in assorted sizes for around $28:

So lets say you opt for the 75 piece KRAFT bag for $28; this means your cost per bag is $0.38.  Most likely you will be adding Tissue Paper and a bow, which will put you at around $0.78 total (I assumes 1 bow and 2 sheets of tissue).  If you wish to add a gift tag you can likely do so for under $0.95 total.  If you sell this bag with trimmings for $1.99 you are making over 100% profit and creating a VERY happy buyer!

Glossy Gift Bags are going to be more expensive.  These are not made from KRAFT paper and will run around $1 a piece. 

So when you add a bow and some tissue you're going to total around $1.30-$1.50, which still leaves fantastic room for profit!  You can offer the glossy bag, 2 sheets of tissue and a nice bow for only $2.99 extra and you're still taking in 150% profit, making it a GREAT upsell!

And then there's Premium Hallmark Glossy Foil Graphic Bags.  These are going to be the most expensive:

These types of bags are $1.42  a piece, but they are larger (10"x 8"x 4") and are of the nicest quality.  Again, if we add a nice bow and 3 pieces of tissue (since its a premium bag, let's also give premium packaging material), we will come in around $2 - $2.15.  Since it is a high-end bag, you can offer this type of upsell for $4.99.  As you can see, even though this bag costs a lot more, the profit is also a lot more.  On the otherhand, if you want to blow out these bags you can drop the upsell down to $3.99 or even $2.99 and still make plenty of profit off of an investment of only $2.

Here's another bag that will make your customers say "WOW!"

These stunning bags are $18.99 for 16 BAGS!!!! That means each bag is only about $1.14!  These amazing bags have ALMOST 200 5-STAR REVIEWS!  So if you are going to buy a phenomenal all-occasion WOW-Factor bag, def buy these!


Why only stick to traditional bags?  If you want to stand out, here's some really fun bag ideas - 


These are a great size! 9' x 5" bags!  24pc for under $7 = $0.30 per bag!  No need for a bow, but you could do a gift tag if you really wanted.  A dangle charm would also be super cute. 

Wanna get blingy?  If your company is all about glam, here's some super cool 5x7" metallic gold bags:

The gorgeous gold bags are 100 pieces for $15.99  =  approximately $0.16 per piece. They also come in silver / chrome!

If you're looking for a more rustic look, there's also Holiday Burlap Bags - I love these because they come with clothespins to hang!  How cute is that? 

The 5" burlaps are 24 bags for $12, so they come in around $0.50 each - which is great because it comes with the clothespin + the holiday theme rope AND stickers too!  All for 50-cents each! 

If your items are long you can go with Wine Bags! These amazing bags are under $13 for 10 PLUS they come with really gorgeous gift tags! 

So, if you go with the wine bags you'll spend $1.30 per bag but you have nothing else to purchase. 

NOTE: "Organza" usually refers to SEE-THROUGH bags which really won't work for gift wrapping purposes. 

And, lastly, don't limit your ideas to only "gift bags".  You can also upsell tote bags! 

These stunning metallic totes are a great, big sizewhich is perfect for holding large items:

BEST OF ALL, you can get 12 jumbo totes for UNDER $16! The great thing about totes is that it's "eco friendly packaging"; unlike regular wrapping paper that is quickly thrown away, a tote is reused over and over. We suggest providing some tissue paper to accompany the tote so it is the perfect gift.   These gorgeous totes will only cost you $1.34 per bag!

There's also canvas totes that have a natural look:

These totes are 15 pieces for under $20; which means you are paying under $1.34 per piece.

Then there's totes like these (shown below) that you can custom print or sell as-is (blank).  These are 22 pieces for under $16, making your cost per tote only $0.73!

The totes shown above are lightweight totes.  They're not designed for heavy stuff but are perfect for clothing. 

And finally, my fav totes!  These are so cool because they PACKABLE, machine washable and totally adorable! These totes do cost a little bit more but its so totally worth it.  Check out these 6-tote lots:

Like I said, these are a little more expensive BUT you are getting a FANTASTIC product that you can upsell at a higher pricepoint.  These totes are 6 pieces for around $14.50 (they are $13.99 when on sale and $14.99 when not on sale).  This means your cost is around $2.41 per bag but this is a super fast upsell at $3.99 or $4.99.  No matter which upsell price you pick you are still bringing in great profit AND they are packable, so thet do not add shipping cost!  

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