Kids Lightweight Wholesale Items That Ship CHEAP (First Class) Inside the USA + Shipping Tips Guide

Kids Lightweight Wholesale Items That Ship CHEAP (First Class) Inside the USA + Shipping Tips Guide

Posted by Big Brand on 19th Mar 2020

Here’s a great list of childrens items that ship with ease and cheap to help you decide what products are best to buy if you are an online seller who needs to send items through the mail! 

  1. Tees and tanks
  2. Onesie / bodysuits.  Baby stuff in general.
  3. Shorts and skirts
  4. Most jeans, jeggings and pants
  5. Sleepwear, especially small sizes.  Even larger size sleepwear is usually lightweight. 
  6. Clothing sets for babies that do not include huge coats.  
  7. Jackets (not Coats)
  8. Pullover sweatshirts
  9. Baby bottles, bottle brushes, bottle sleeves
  10. Pacifier sets
  11. Crib sheets
  12. Washcloths
  13. Rattle sets
  14. Small books
  15. Belts
  16. Snow Hats or hats that fold flat
  17. Small baby shoes
  18. Kids sandals
  19. Small art supplies / kits
  20. Kids purses
  21. Girls dresses that aren't puffy and full of materialKids neckties, bowties and pocket squares
  22. Small toys such as the small lego set
  23. Phone cases, pop sockets, headphones / air pods or other phone accessories
  24. Swimwear
  25. Sports socks and everyday socks
  26. Packable totes or backpacks.  Anything that can be folded and/or rolled small is great.
  27. School supplies (pens, pencils, ruler, pencil bag)
  28. Notebooks: if it doesn't qualify for first class this is an item that can ship Media Mail!
  29. Snacks
  30. Chapstick
  31. Kids body care

AVOID "Free USPS" supplies... yes, I said AVOID FREE SUPPLIES... it sounds silly but this supplies (shown below)

actually costs MORE to ship using "free" supplies than it does to purchase your own supplies!

BUY THIS (100pc 10x13" awesome bags for under $16 on Amazon):  

OR, if you don't care about fun patters, you can get 200 plain bags for the same price:

Or, if you want smaller sized bags, I would suggest going with 6x9" bags.  Again, you can opt for fun colors or solid bags.  The solid bags are 1,000 bags for under $27!

Or, you can go for the fun bags which are 100 pieces for around $9.

There is also another poly mailer option you can consider.  These are 6x9 printed BUBBLE mailers:

The striped "Thank You" bag is a little more expensive because it's amazing.  These specific bags will run you around $19 for 50 pieces BUT they are legitimately gorgeous, memorable bags.  However there are cheaper options that are still colorful.  These purple 6x9 padded mailers are only $14.99 for 50 pieces.


Although these are GREAT items, they do not ship cheap.  So if your goal is to ship First Class you should consider avoiding these items:

  1. Jean sets (a 2 pack of older kids Jean's will not weigh under 15oz. However baby or toddler Jean sets are fine!)
  2. Coat sets - unless you can get sets that have very light or small coats the coat can max out the First Class weight.
  3. Older kids tennis shoes or boots
  4. Avoid hangers that cannot be removed from the merchandise
  5. Stuff that comes in big boxes, such as large lego sets
  6. Anything that requires extreme packaging, added insurance and signature confirmation. Adding all of these things will drive up shipping cost at least $6 more!
  7. Even though it does ship first class, high end electronics are super risky. Xbox, iPhones, ps4, etc are a commonly hit by scammers. These high risk items can end in disaster that might not be worth it. We can discuss scams more in future blogs.
  8. Merchandise that must be sold inside of a box, such as a gift set, shoe box, etc.

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