20 Mens Items to Sell that Ship Cheap and 8 to Avoid! Lightweight Mens Merchandise that Can Ship First Class

20 Mens Items to Sell that Ship Cheap and 8 to Avoid! Lightweight Mens Merchandise that Can Ship First Class

Posted by Big Brand on 10th Mar 2020

Looking to sell Mens Wholesale items that ship cheap?  Here's a great list to get you started!  

First let's define "Cheap".  when we say "cheap" we are referring to First Class mail, which ships inside the USA for around $3 or less.

After this list we will discuss how to ship cheap then we will delve into items you should avoid.  Let's begin!

  1. Tie Clips
  2. Neckties / Bow ties
  3. Pocket Squares
  4. Travel Size Body Care that doesn’t need extreme packaging to prevent shattering.  An 8oz full size body care will weigh 10 ounces on the scale because 8oz is the weight of the actual liquid body care within.  Once you add on packaging and filler you will be close to 15oz. You *should* still be able to come in under 15.99 ounces so you should still be able to ship an 8oz body care via First Class.
  5. Regular sized tees and tanks. Big & Tall pieces can increase shipping cost. 
  6. Socks
  7. Underwear that is not inside of a box (sets can be too large to ship first class) however there are some sets that can still ship first class. Aim for small sets that are not in an actual box.
  8. Lanyards
  9. Shaving stuff that doesn't require extra packaging. Most shaving products will already come inside packaging that is plenty sufficient to ship inside of a bubble mailer
  10. Very light-wight "packable" jackets in smaller mens sizes can usually go First Class.  A packable jacket is the type that can be folded up.  It usually comes with a little carrying case. 
  11. Travel Bags 
  12. Wallets
  13. Watches - A typical mens watch is going to weigh around 6 ounces.  It likely comes in a box that will act as protection for the watch.  The watch inside of the box is going to come in under 15oz providing you avoid huge boxes, such as Shinola. 
  14. Pens!  Men friggin love pens.  I don't know why but they always seem to have them.  My husband usually has 3 on him at all times.  Pens are very lightweight and can be shipped with simple bubble wrap or inside a double small bubble mailer
  15. Beanie Hats and Bandannas 
  16. Workout Sweatbands and wrist bands
  17. Pocket Knives and small survivalist stuff
  18. Beer Koozies, Whiskey Ice Cubes (those cool reusable ice cubes for enjoying drinks "on the rocks"), bottle openers, cigar cutters
  19. Thong Sandals - The basic sandal should be able to ship first class. 
  20. Small Electronics and accessories 

AVOID "Free USPS" supplies... yes, I said AVOID FREE SUPPLIES... it sounds silly but this supplies (shown below)

actually costs MORE to ship using "free" supplies than it does to purchase your own supplies!

BUY THIS (100pc 10x13" awesome bags for under $16 on Amazon):

OR, if you don't care about fun patters, you can get 200 plain bags for the same price:

Or, if you want smaller sized bags, I would suggest going with 6x9" bags. Again, you can opt for fun colors or solid bags. The solid bags are 1,000 bags for under $27!

Or, you can go for the fun bags which are 100 pieces for around $9.

There is also another poly mailer option you can consider. These are 6x9 printed BUBBLE mailers:

The striped "Thank You" bag is a little more expensive because it's amazing. These specific bags will run you around $19 for 50 pieces BUT they are legitimately gorgeous, memorable bags. However there are cheaper options that are still colorful. These purple 6x9 padded mailers are only $14.99 for 50 pieces.


  1. Avoid “Extra Thick” styles as well as sweaters and pullovers
  2. Coats
  3. Jeans
  4. Pants 
  5. Tennis Shoes and boots
  6. Sweaters, specifically bigger sizes
  7. Body Care Sets
  8. Man Bags - Briefcases, messenger bags, backpacks, carry-ons, etc

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