25 Best Womens Items to Sell Online That SHIP CHEAP Inside the USA - And 17 to Avoid

25 Best Womens Items to Sell Online That SHIP CHEAP Inside the USA - And 17 to Avoid

Posted by Big Brand on 29th Feb 2020

Here’s a great list of womens merchandise that ships with ease and for cheap to help you decide what products are best for you to buy!

First, lets establish what "Cheap Shipping" means.  Our definition is First Class rate or less.  First Class means the item will ship for $3 or less inside the USA!  *This article was written 2.23.20.  It is always possible USPS will raise the rate.

But first, one important tip:

Amazon is the best place we have found for shipping supplies (bubble mailers and poly bags). Even though these supplies are not "free", they end up costing WAY less than getting "Free" shipping supplies from USPS.  Example:

100 USPS "Free" Bubble Mailers shipped = $0 cost + $800 in shipping fees = $800 spent

100 Amazon Poly Mailers shipped = $56 cost + $300 in shipping = $356 spent

We will discuss more about cheap shipping after the list  :) 


  1. Panties
  2. Hair Accessories and bandannas 
  3. Small bras or bras without padding AKA “Unlined Bras” (many of the really big size bras can not go First Class due to weight / size.)
  4. Shirts: Teestanks
  5. Bikini Tops / Tankini Tops and Bikini Bottoms as well as One Piece swimwear - traditional bathing suits will weigh under 15 ounces. Some plus size suits that feature layered fabric, underwires and padding can become much heavier.  If you want to guarantee it can ship First Class, stick to traditional one-pieces or bikini separates.  
  6. Makeup of all kinds - Stuff that does not require packaging is great. Chapsticks, lipsticks, eye liners and mascaras are very easy to ship in a simple bubble mailer. Blush and Foundation can become more complex due to packaging to avoid shattering.
  7. Most Body Care will ship First Class  - but remember that this will require actual packaging and the packaging will add cost and weight.  Remember: an 8oz Body Mist will weigh about 10oz with its own packaging.  Once you put it inside a box and add filler it is now going to be VERY close to 15oz. You *should* still come in under 15, so it *should* still be able to ship First Class, just make sure you avoid body care with the large pump top because this style of top adds weight and avoid body care that weighs 9 ounces or more. 
  8. Socks Ship Cheap
  9. Leg Warmers and Arm Warmers
  10. Gloves and ScarvesCoin Purses and other small bags
  11. Lipstick Cases
  12. Small Jewelry that doesn’t require extreme packaging.
  13. Small shorts, such as yoga shorts or juniors shorts will almost always ship first class. 
  14. Those extra small bags that hold just a cell phone can be fine too
  15. Lanyards
  16. Foldable Totes
  17. Craft supplies! Patchesiron-ons, stones, scrap booking stickers, stamps, jewelry making accessories, beads, patches... they're all great for cheap shipping costs!
  18. Small pet supplies, such as Cat Clothing
  19. Seasonal Home Decor; napkin rings, cloth napkins, silicone stuff, etc
  20. Watch bands
  21. Purse Charms and Key Chains
  22. Skirts, specifically mini skirts or skirts that are not tons of material; Plus Size Maxi skirts that are layered can weigh 16 ounces or more.  Leather and gemstones also add weight. 
  23. Leggings and Tights. Even multi-packs of tights can usually ship First Class.
  24. Nylons and Hosiery

AVOID "Free USPS" supplies... yes, I said AVOID FREE SUPPLIES... it sounds silly but this supplies (shown below)

actually costs MORE to ship using "free" supplies than it does to purchase your own supplies!

BUY THIS (100pc 10x13" awesome bags for under $16 on Amazon):

OR, if you don't care about fun patters, you can get 200 plain bags for the same price:

Or, if you want smaller sized bags, I would suggest going with 6x9" bags. Again, you can opt for fun colors or solid bags. The solid bags are 1,000 bags for under $27!

Or, you can go for the fun bags which are 100 pieces for around $9.

There is also another poly mailer option you can consider. These are 6x9 printed BUBBLE mailers:

The striped "Thank You" bag is a little more expensive because it's amazing. These specific bags will run you around $19 for 50 pieces BUT they are legitimately gorgeous, memorable bags. However there are cheaper options that are still colorful. These purple 6x9 padded mailers are only $14.99 for 50 pieces.

Items to Avoid if you want cheap shipping:

  1. Sweaters
  2. Dresses and Gowns. Small, lightweight Bodycon Style dresses are usually fine. 
  3. Valuables that would require added insurance, extra packaging and signature confirmation - If all three of these things are needed you just drove up shipping costs by at least $6 more!
  4. Purses, specifically large ones or really expensive ones that require signature confirmation and insurance. 
  5. Large hats, such as Sunhats
  6. Candles... OMG Candles are the biggest pain in the a** EVER!  Especially candle sets!
  7. Glass Anything
  8. Duffel Bags and Backpacks
  9. Jeans and pants in bigger sizes.  A size 24, good quality jean will weigh over 15oz and therefore cannot be shipped First Class. 
  10. Beach Towels
  11. Umbrellas 
  12. Mugs
  13. Photo Frames
  14. Exercise Equipment such as Medicine Balls, Weights, etc
  15. Yoga Mats are also usually too large to ship First Class
  16. Flower Pots
  17. Large Hair Care; such as the 16+oz shampoos.  16 ounces is the weight of the shampoo INSIDE of the bottle.  The exterior package adds 1-4 more ounces, depending what type of lid or pump it has.  Then you have to add packaging weight.  The 16oz shampoo ends up being 20+ ounces and cannot ship First Class.

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