What is a PRO Number and How to Get One - PRO vs BOL

What is a PRO Number and How to Get One - PRO vs BOL

Posted by Big Brand on 8th Feb 2020

In our last article we discussed BOLs and how to get them. In this article we are going to go over PRO Numbers; what they are, what they do and how to locate them. 

When you order that awesome Lot of Victorias Secret Liquidation merchandise through you are provided with a Tracking Number. You can then use your Tracking Number to see USPS move your parcel across the country until it is delivered to your home. But when you order through a company who ships via Freight (includes a BOL), A PRO number is used to track the progress of the shipment.  PRO means "Progressive + Number''.

A PRO Number is different from a BOL but your PRO Number is usually ON your BOL. Check out the image below:

In the image above, you will see, on the LEFT side, at the top it says "SHIPMENT FOR PRO #".  Below it also says "Details" and in the Details section you can see "Customer Number" then "PRO Number".  Most companies have an area where you can print this information.  You may have noticed the red arrow in the image above; this arrow is demonstrating the area you will want to look for to access documents. 

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