HELP! I Missed USPS Delivery! How Can I Get My Parcel?!

HELP! I Missed USPS Delivery! How Can I Get My Parcel?!

Posted by Big Brand on 11th Feb 2020

OMG, you missed delivery! No need to worry because this step by step guide will show you exactly how to reschedule your delivery AND even sign for the parcel even if you won't be home!

Follow these simple steps NOW and you’ll have your parcel tomorrow or the following day (because parcels are not returned to the seller unless delivery was unsuccessful for 7 days):

STEP 1: Immediately sign up for tracking updates. All you need is the Tracking Number. The reason you want Tracking Updates is so you know the exact moment it arrives without having to keep checking AND, USPS will automatically attempt to redeliver one time next-day.  This means you do not need to do anything to have it delivered tomorrow. Here’s step by step directions: 

STEP 2: Now that you have tracking updates, all you have to do is look for the SLIP left by USPS:

This slip could be a lot of different places:

  • On your door
  • On your side door / alternate door
  • Inside Mail Box
  • Outside / On Mail Box
  • Anywhere else parcels could be delivered to or are usually delivered to

When you find your slip, simply SIGN YOUR NAME in the box and fill out the card then put the slip right back where you found it or attach it to your door or mail box.  You want to make sure the slip can be found by tomorrows mail carrier even if it is a different person from today.

OR, you may have received a card that looks like this and has a check mark in the "MUST BE PRESENT" field:

STEP 3: If you can't find a slip OR if you have to be present for delivery, use your tracking number and simply reschedule delivery on a day that works better for you:

Here you can decide how you want to get the parcel as well as the date you would like to get it. 

Since you signed up for Tracking Updates in Step 1 you will be notified when this parcel is Out for Delivery, and, if all you had to do was sign the slip you will also know as soon as it is successfully delivered! 

STEP 4: I Missed Delivery AGAIN... and AGAIN! 

USPS will attempt to redeliver 2 or 3 days in a row.  After that they stop trying unless you reschedule.  So, if you keep missing delivery then the best thing you can do is drive to your local post office and pickup.  Be sure to bring the tracking number and your drivers license.  DO NOT TRY TO PICK UP UNTIL THE 4TH DAY after the 1st missed delivery.  If you try to pickup immediately after missing delivery or even next-day, your parcel WILL NOT be at the post office because it will be on the truck that attempted delivery!  This means you are absolutely wasting your time at the post office. Just make sure you try to pick up before the 6th day because on the 8th day they will Return to Sender! 

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