Questions About Invoices

We buy mixed truckloads / bulk liquidations from big brand stores.  We then sort the merchandise into smaller Lots of like-kind.  We offer a standard invoice based on what you purchase from our site.  We do not have spreadsheets / databases / excel files available because this type of documentation is not provided to us.  When you purchase through our website you are instantly emailed an invoice (receipt).  If you need to download, save or print your invoice you can view this step-by-step guide:

Or, click here to watch this video in full-screen size

This is what your invoice from our company will look like: 


As you can see above, our invoice contains the following information:

  • Our company name and address
  • Our logo
  • The order number
  • The date you ordered
  • Your billing and shipping address
  • Your contact information (your phone number and your email)
  • The titles of the Lots you purchase (the title of the Lot specifies the quantity of items in the lot.  The title on the invoice is exactly as it appears on our website in the listing)
  • The quantity of merchandise you bought
  • The price you paid for each Lot
  • The subtotal
  • The coupon deduction amount (if applicable)
  • If you applied a store credit, this will be shown on the invoice as a monetary deduction from the total paid
  • The total amount you paid to our company
  • The shipping method you selected at checkout.

We understand that many seller websites (such as Walmart, Amazon, Jet, NewEgg, Alibaba, etc) have their own requirements for invoices.  At this time we do not offer an invoice customization service, so if there are certain queries you need on the invoice (such as SKU, UPC, etc), you will have to alter the invoice on your own because the invoice we have available is what is shown above.  If you do not want to make an invoice that fits the needs of the platform you wish to sell on, there are other options: You can sell on a more simplistic platform.  For example, eBay, Mercari and Bonanza have few seller requirements.  


We are not Amazon sellers because the fees are way to high for a wholesale company to offer legitimate BULK GOODS wholesale on Amazon; we would have to drastically increase our prices to sell on Amazon and this is not of interest to us.  Amazon is much better for individual-item sellers. We did some research and believe that there are only a handful of categories on Amzon that require "ungating":

  • Automotive and Powersports

  • Clothing, Accessories, Shoes, and Luggage

  • Collectible Books

  • Collectible Coins

  • Entertainment Collectibles

  • Fine Art

  • Fine Jewelry

  • Gift Cards

  • Grocery and Gourmet Foods

  • Kindle Accessories

  • Major Appliances

  • Sexual Wellness

  • Sports Collectibles

  • Textbook Rentals

  • Toys & Games (Holiday Guidelines)

  • Video, DVD, and Blu-ray

  • Watches

  • Wine

One very simple solution would be to not buy/sell in these specific categories, but if you insist on selling in a gated category on Amazon, you may have to contact Amazon for assistance in terms of getting "ungated" or if you have questions about ungating requirements. Since we do not sell on Amazon, we are not able to provide you with assistance regarding your Amazon selling account or what you need to be "ungated", but here is some content we found online that might help you: The Truth About Ungating and Ungating Fees -2019

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