How to Shelve & Store Your Online Inventory PART 2:  How to Label Storage Shelves

How to Shelve & Store Your Online Inventory PART 2: How to Label Storage Shelves

Posted by Big Brand on 12th Mar 2020

In part 1 of this series we discussed all of the different shelving options to choose from.  Now that you have your shelving ready, it is time to start labeling! 

If you missed Part 1, go back and read it now. If you already finished Part 1, Let's start labeling with our first shelving unit.  This is going to be "Shelf A" (or whatever you would like to label it.  You could give it a number if you would like):

Next I am going to give each individual shelf a number:

If you are setting up multiple shelves, I STRONGLY encourage you to use scrap paper or post-it notes and mock up the letters / numbers because you might decide you need to change the labels.

Now I am going to actually label the shelves. You can officially write on them with a sharpie marker if the shelves are white or light grey.  If they're black you can apply painters tape then label.  Or, if you want it to really look nice, print up labels and apply shipping tape over them to protect them.  If you truly want to get fancy you can buy actual shelf labels or use an actual label printer.  Personally, I think the LARGER the print, the better.  If you want a pop of color, choose a neon paper.

Continue to label:

Eventually you'll end up with this:

At our warehouse we have so many shelves that we have to do 3-digit shelf locations.  Here is our "Q" shelf (click Play on video below):

So this entire section is all "Q".  We have to have Q-1-1, Q-1-2, etc through Q-9-10, which would be Shelving unit Q, Shelf #1 and Row number 10.  Sound confusing?  I promise it's not that bad!  You get used to it really fast and the amount of time you'll save having to find what sold will make you LOVE shelf locations.  

Next, continue to Part 3 How to Label Your Inventory for Shelving

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