Big Brand Wholesale Answers the 32 Questions to Ask a Wholesaler

Big Brand Wholesale Answers the 32 Questions to Ask a Wholesaler

Posted by Big Brand on 18th Sep 2021

We get emails every day, all day asking the same questions, so here's the answers:

What is the product availability/stock levels?  Every listing on our site shows the stock level.  Our site only features merchandise that is in-stock and ready to ship.  The Stock Level is shown ABOVE the price and BELOW the Lot # and Title. 

Do you have a data feed / product feed that I can use?  We do offer spreadsheet databases but here is a list of 59+ Wholesalers that do.

Can you ship to Amazon?  You will need an Amazon FBA Prep Service. We will ship to the Prep Service and they will ship to Amazon. Here's a list of 80+ Amazon FBA services

Can I get Ungated with your merchandise?  We are an Amazon Approved Wholesaler, however the decision to Ungate is based on your Amazon account, your Amazon seller history, your seller metrics and other factors.  There is no way any wholesale company can guarantee Ungating because we have no control over your Amazon account or Amazons decision.  However we have tons of useful blog posts to help you get Ungated

Do you offer invoices?  Yes. See our invoice here

Do you provide UPCs?  We offer a UPC for all of the listings in our category called Lots with UPCs

Does the UPC appear on the invoice?  You can add anything you want to the invoice by typing it into the COMMENTS box in the Billing Section of checkout.  If you want the UPC we provide to appear on the invoice please copy and paste it into the COMMENTS box in the Billing Section of Checkout.  

What if the listing doesn't have a UPC?  You can look it up online and add it to the COMMENTS box in the Billing section of Checkout

Can you provide high-quality product photos?  No. We are a liquidator wholesaler.  We buy truckloads of extra stock directly from designer stores.  The stores do not provide us with photos of individual items, therefore we do not have photos to provide to you. 

Do you have a minimum order (MOQ)? No.

Can I sell these items online?  Yes

Can I sell these items on marketplaces?  Yes

Do you offer discounts?  Yes. Here's coupon code and discount information

Do you negotiate or accept offers?  No, but you can use a coupon code or discount.

What will the total cost be? The price is as-listed.  Shipping inside the USA is free.  There are no additional fees if you are located inside the USA. If you are outside of the USA you will have to pay for shipping and whatever costs are associated with importing good into your country.

Can you provide product samples prior to purchase? Yes, you can purchase a Sample on our site in our Grab Bags category

Do you ship internationally?  Yes. Here is International Shipping Information

What is the average order turnaround time.  Transit time depends on the shipping method selected at checkout and the distance you are from Michigan. We ship same-day if ordered before 12:30pm EST, Monday through Friday.  If you want your order same-day you are welcome to pickup from our warehouse.

Do you send shipment notifications? Yes.

Do you provide tracking numbers for delivery/shipment? Yes.

How do I order? Here's step by step ordering instructions. Or, if you are familiar with online shopping, you simply Add to Cart then complete the Checkout process.

What are my payment terms?  Payment is made in full at time of purchase.  Financing is also offered at Checkout. 

Which payment methods do you accept? Credit, Debit, PayPal, Amazon Pay, Google Pay and more. 

What is your return and refund policy? Read our policy here

Are you open on holidays?  Customer Service is available 365 days a year.  Our warehouse does not ship on days the mail carriers are closed.  Here in Michigan our mail carriers do not accept parcels on Saturdays, Sundays or Federal Holidays. 

How often do you list new stock?  We list new items at least 6 days a week. 

How do I order items not on your site?  What we have in stock today is listed on our site.  We list new items daily. 

How do I see if something is available still?  You can type the Lot Number into the Search Box.  If it is still available it will appear.  If it has sold out it will not appear. 

How do I know exactly what I am getting? Click the PLAY button on the video in the listing. 

Can I request items?  We are a liquidator.  We get in extra stock directly from designer stores.  Typically we do not have a way to order specific items. 

Is it authentic?  Do you have an authenticity guarantee? Yes.  You can see which store the merchandise came from by reading the listing. 

How do I Order?  You can order directly through our site  If you need more directions, check out our How to Order page.  

Still have questions?  Check out our FAQ section or simply Contact us!  You can easily contact us by using Live Chat on this page, or email us or text 734 707 9878 .  We reply fast, 365 days per year, during business hours.  We are in Michigan, so we are on Eastern Standard Time. 

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