59+ Wholesalers with UPCS Spreadsheet Databases & Dropshipping List

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We are often asked if we have UPCs, manifests, spreadsheets / databases, dropship or can ship to Amazons Warehouses.  Since we do not offer the services you are seeking we took the time to compile a complete list of over 59+ wholesale companies that offer what you are seeking in addition to 30 pages of bonus content.  We are only asking $2.99 to cover the cost of the time it took to compile this list and provide you with all of the direct links.  


Pages 2 - 3: 59+ Wholesale Companies with UPCs / Manifests / Spreadsheets, Dropshipping & More. 

When you access the list, you will see that the companies in BOLD RED not only offer UPCs and Dropshipping, but they can also ship direct to Amazons warehouses!

As far as we know, 58 of the companies on this list are LOCATED IN THE USA! 

Page 4: Complete Amazon Ungating Checklist

Pages 5 - 6: Amazon Prep Services by State - If you don't want to prep your merchandise for FBA, these companies will do it for you!

Page 7: Amazon Restricted Brands that Require Payment to Ungate

Pages 8 - 11:  Amazon Restricted Health & Beauty Brands

Page 12: Amazon Restricted Footwear Brands

Page 13: Amazon Restricted Watch Brands

Pages 14 - 15: Amazon Restricted Home Goods Brands

Pages 16 - 17: Amazon Restricted Kids Toy Brands

Page 18: Amazon Restricted Grocery Brands

Page 19: Amazon Restricted Appliances & Electronics Brands

Pages 20 - 21: Amazon Restricted Clothing & Accessories Brands

Page 22: Amazon Restricted Children's Brands 

Pages 23 - 27: What to Buy to Get Ungated on Amazon (And What Not to Buy)

Pages 28 - 33: How Much Money Do Online Sellers Make? Amazon vs eBay vs SEARS & More

Page 34: Top 13 Marketplaces for USA Online Sellers


For $2.99 you will be provided with this 35 page document as a Microsoft Word document as well as an "ePub" file.  ePub files can be read on almost any device.


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