Our terms are simple.

We do not accept returns for "mind changes" (meaning, you bought it then decided you don't want it anymore after it shipped.) BUT if something is legitimately wrong with your order AND it is not typical with buying Liquidations, simply Contact Us.  We have been in business since 2005 because we value our customers... BUT...

Please understand that the merchandise we sell is stuff that has been in stores; it has been:

  • touched by customers
  • most has been tried on
  • some times makeup or coffee gets on it
  • or there could be other imperfections. 

Before you purchase merchandise, read the listing to see what TYPE of merchandise it is and what to expect.  Every listing on our site has detailed information about the merchandise being sold:


We do try our best to remove major damage or notify you of damage we notice BUT it absolutely is not possible for us to catch 100%.  We buy truckloads and sort them very quickly, video and pack them fast. You can view the items you will be purchasing by watching the video in the listing. While we try our best to remove major imperfections we do not have the time to analyze each product.  You should buy knowing that the items are Liquidations so you should expect

  • Clearance stickers
  • Liquidation stickers
  • Some pieces may have missing "paper store tags". We try to show you which pieces are missing tags in the video in the listing.
  • Sometimes a set is missing pieces. We try to tell you whenever we see a set is missing an item.  Some times we have no way of knowing if another item came with it.
  • Other times a button falls off or similar

Sometimes we also sell Store Returns or Mixed Quality Liquidations. You can learn about Store Returns and Mixed Quality Liquidations by simply reading the Description section of the listing.

WE DO NOT SELL JUNK.  The merchandise we carry is excellent, which is why we have been in business since 2005. But occasional imperfections should be expected. If you do not want to buy items that have been in stores then you should instead purchase "traditional wholesale" (which we typically do not sell because the price is so high there isn't much profit for our buyers) BUT if you are willing to do occasional work (minor laundering / "spot washing" with a damp towel, basic sewing, etc) then this is absolutely the best way to obtain totally awesome, authentic name brand merch for your boutique, eBay store, Flea Market or other small business.

If you take the time to watch the video in the listing you will get a chance to genuinely see the items before you buy and decide if you want them.  If you have never ordered from us, or if you want to get a "sample", check out our Grab Bags Category.  Here you can purchase super tiny sample quantities for very little money (our average grab bag is $24.99 for 3-6 pieces).