FAQS: Questions & Answers Section

How long have you been in business?  We started out in 2005.

Where are you located?


Wayne, Michigan (48184). Feel like coming to Metro Detroit to Pickup Your Wholesale Order? Here's pickup info!

When Does It Ship? Typically Same-Day or Next Day, Monday through Friday. We do not ship on weekends because our local post office isn't open at all.  So, if ya order on Friday after 12pm EST, it won't be in transit till Monday.

When Will it Arrive?  


We are in Michigan.  Transit to Florida is about 2 days.  New York is usually about 2 days.  Texas is 3 and California is usually around 4 days.  You should plan on a little extra transit time during the Holiday season (Nov 29th - Jan 12th).  Peep our Shipping Information for even more details. These are transit time ESTIMATES.  Its possible your parcel may arrive faster or slower depending on how quick the carrier operates.  NOTE: IF YOUR ORDER SHIPS IN MULTIPLE PARCELS, IT IS POSSIBLE THEY WILL NOT ARRIVE ON THE SAME DAY.  You can look at Tracking to see when each will be delivered.

Is It Authentic?  Yep! All of our merchandise comes directly from chain stores. In fact, you can see which store it came from by reading the "Description" part of each listing on our site.  We never order inventory from eBay or private sellers so we can always 100% guarantee it is authentic.

I Don't Know You, so I'm Kinda Sketchy About Buying a Lot of Stuff. Can I Get a SAMPLE?  Heck Yes! We have an entire category of super cheap samples.  We call them Grab Bags Grab Bags give you the chance to try us out and see how we ship, how fast it arrives and, most importantly, check out the goods.  We are so confident that you'll L-O-V-E them that we know you will come back and buy a larger quantity. This is why we have Grab Bags priced at an average cost of $24.99 for 3-10 items... YES, SERIOUSLY.  No, this is not a "limited time deal"; this is always the price BUT the merchandise does sell fast, so if you see a Grab Bag you want, grab it ASAP.

I'm Still Hesitant.... I Don't Want to Give You My Credit Card Numbers! 


Ok cool.  We also accept Pay Pal, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay and more.  However, our site is fully secure, which means that even if you do pay with a credit card, we never get to "see" it. All we can "see" is your basic information which we need to ship to you, email you tracking, etc.  You can see all of the payment options that are available at Checkout:


If you are on an Apple device or if you have Samsung or Google Wallet activated on your phone you will also see these as payment options.

I'm STILL Hesitant.  How Do I Know this Isn't a Scam? 


Well, first of all, you cannot be a scam and also accept Pay Pal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, etc.  These payment processors will ban you if you have 3% or more chargebacks per month.  The majority of scammers do not accept any payments other than credit card.  We have been a Pay Pal merchant since 2002. But if that's not good enough, you can check out our feedback on Facebook or eBay where we are a Top-Rated Power Seller.  We have reviews from all over the world, dating back to 2002!

Also, we are a licensed, registered business with the State of Michigan. You can check out our annual filings on Michigan.Gov.

I Want to SEE IT Before I Buy It!  Great!  Simply click PLAY on the video in the listing:


We take the time to video literally everything we sell.  If that isn't enough, you can buy it online and come pick it up from us in Michigan.  We have a customer pickup area that offers a table where you can open your parcels and look at each item for as long as you would like.  If you have an issue we will address it immediately, before you even step foot out of our warehouse. In fact, if you decide you don't like it, we will take it back right-then-and-there and refund you. 

When Do You List New Stuff?  We have listed new stock 6-Days-A-Week since 2005. Typically we take Saturdays off to do family stuff, clean the house, drink wine, travel... all those fun things.... usually it ends up being house-cleaning. You can get updates on all of our new products listings by following us on Facebook, Twitter or our Blog.

Do I Get a Tracking Number?  How Does Tracking Work? Of course, silly! We would never have anything leave our warehouse without Tracking.  Tracking is mega-important to you but it's also mandatory for us too. You can track your parcel by clicking the link in the email you are sent or by logging into your account on our site.  You can also track on Usps.com. You can learn more about Tracking by taking a look at our Shipping Information page. If you want to see a Step-By-Step guide showing how to track parcels, check out this video:

How Do I Order?  Glad You Asked!!!  We actually have a step-by-step video guide showing ya exactly how to locate merchandise, purchase it, print an invoice if you want, look up Tracking and more: HOW TO ORDER Inventory through Big Brand Wholesale.com GUIDE:

Can I Shop your warehouse?  Unfortunately we do not have a shopping area in our warehouse at this time, however you can take a virtual tour of our warehouse:


What payment methods do you accept?  Pretty much everything! Credit, debit, pay pal, amazon pay, apple pay, samsung pay, google pay and more.  You will see all of the available options at Checkout. Additionally, if you want Financing, we offer this through Pay Pal.  Simply click the Pay Pal Financing option at checkout and apply for a line of credit.