7 FREE Things You Can Do TODAY to Improve Your Online Business - Sell More with These Little Changes

7 FREE Things You Can Do TODAY to Improve Your Online Business - Sell More with These Little Changes

Posted by Big Brand on 18th Mar 2020

The products you sell are important and so are your prices but we often forget to examine ourselves outside of the business.  Making some totally FREE life changes will help you be a better, stronger and happier person which will lead to success.  Let's begin...

1. delete cell phone games 

Time is the most valuable asset because it’s the only thing you can never get more of and you can never get back. One thing all successful business owners have in common: cell phone games are a huge waste of time. Instead of relaxing by playing a video game, pick up a business book, watch a documentary to learn something new or write a blog to help others. Breaking the cell phone cycle IS hard, but only at first. You will be amazed at how much time you create by not dealing with endless notifications from game apps. 

2. sign off of your own social media and into your business accounts.

Personal social media is relatively useless. You truly do not need to know what your Aunt Mary had for lunch or look at photos of your sisters vacation. If you want to see Aunt Mary, take her out to lunch. If you want to hear about your sisters vacation give her a call or shoot her a text. And if you don’t like Aunt Mary enough to take her to lunch, then why do you need to see her daily movements through Facebook? I absolutely promise you, if you stop logging into your personal social media you will create 1 or more extra hours every single day!

3. delete stress and toxicity from your life

This is probably the hardest one. We all have totally toxic loved ones in our lives that bring nothing but chaos and drama to our lives. You will not be able to devote 100% to your business and simultaneously give a toxic person 30%. Drama-filled people are going to suck you in and take you down with them. IT IS OKAY TO LOVE SOMEONE FROM AFAR. In the past 7 years I have cut my group of friends and family down to only the people who are genuine people who love and support me. Everyone else I cut ties with or just put space between us. I will always care for these friends and family members but I will no longer be their dumping ground. Once you get rid of toxic stress you will become such a happier, healthier, proactive and motivated person who can truly be successful. 

4. make a plan

They always say the difference between a dream and a goal is a plan. Without a plan and goals you are just kind of hoping things go right BUT hard work equals success, so without a plan how do you know what you are working hard to do?

5. discipline 

Its so much easier to take Friday night off and sleep in Saturday. It’s easier to relax and it’s always more fun to “netflix and chill”, but this is what separates the “I tried” versus the “I did”. Wake up early, work late, work 7 days a week and you WILL be successful. If you buckle down and start now you absolutely CAN have a multi-million dollar business within 10 years. And, around that 2 year mark is when you really have to push through because you have been giving sooooo much time and energy and you’re still not “there” yet. Come year 5 you’ll really start seeing the fruits of your labor. Things only get better from there. It all starts with discipline. You only get out what you put in.

6. Stop Blaming Others and Accept that things do go wrong.

Everyone does this; some more than others. Most of the time things are fine or good. Sometimes things totally suck. You wouldn’t appreciate the good times if you didn’t experience bad times. The longer you are in business the more struggles you will have. The struggles never end. We have been doing this 2005 and even after all this time we still go through all different things; employees steal, freight companies lose our pallets, stuff arrives destroyed, the warehouse roof leaks… it happens to EVERYONE! All you can do is fire the employee, try to locate the pallets, try to salvage the destroyed merchandise and call the landlord to have the roof fixed. It’s like a game of chess: You vs Life. Life move their rook to take your bishop then it’s your turn to play. You can either flip over the gameboard and storm away or you can think… then play.

7. End Hyperbolic Phrases 

Hyperbole drives me INSANE. Hyperbole is when someone grossly exaggerates something. Here’s some examples:

USPS is supposed to deliver a customers package on Monday but they instead deliver it on Tuesday. The customer contacts us to tell us that WE “completely destroyed” their business because the carrier delivered it one day later than they expected.

Or, someone says “Nobody wears padded pushup bras”

Or “Nobody swims in Illinois”

“People only wear solid color tees in Texas”

“Right now nobody is buying because its the week after Christmas”

I was once watching an Episode of Doctor Phil and I heard Phil say something that really stuck with me. He said “If you change your words you will change your attitude, because words have power”. It really made me think. Instead of saying “My business is destroyed because it arrived 1 day late!” ask yourself “IF this is one day late what can I do to make sure I have adequate inventory for Monday?”

Instead of “Nobody wears padded pushup bras” ask yourself “Why are my padded bras not selling? What can I do differently to market these to the millions and millions of women who love padded bras?”

In the end, we have to be the best person we can be because it is hard to be unhappy and stressed yet successful and motivated.  By bettering yourself and freeing up time you will find the sales come organically.


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