Online Sellers:  How to Properly Store Makeup After it's Listed

Online Sellers: How to Properly Store Makeup After it's Listed

Posted by Big Brand on 29th Oct 2020

In the past weeks we have discussed storing ClothingBody Care and Jewelry, so today we have to get into cosmetics! These tricks will keep your online listings in perfect condition. Let’s get started!

The reason we have focused to much on this "How to Shelve and Store" series is because if you do not store it correctly, you could end up with a buyer claiming the item is fake.  The reason the buyer thinks this is because the product they received from has been improperly shelved and the color, texture, consistency or smell has changed over time, which leads the buyer to believe the item isn't legit because they don't understand otherwise.  So proper storage is a really big deal!  As you already learned, Jewelry and Body Care can be stored in the exact same area. Makeup is similar and can also be stored in under most of the same conditions. Just like with Body Care, makeup need to be stored in the dark. Sunlight will break down components of makeup, so after you list it, be sure to put it inside an opaque poly mailer or bag:

If you want to store your makeup inside of a clear bag so you can see what it is, put the bags inside boxes or bins to eliminate light:

Another thing that Body Care and Jewelry storage has in common with Cosmetics is that low humidity is paramount. As suggested in our other articles, score cheap, but awesome temperature-and-humidity gauge off Amazon (we absolutely LOVE these):

I use these in our warehouses in addition to all of our pets habitats and I have bought many (the white one is absolutely the best):

And, if you discover your humidity level is over 27%, pick up a cheap, but effective,

dehumidifier if needed:

Also as mentioned previously, there is no reason to run your dehumidifier non stop. You can grab one of these amazing super-cheap timers and schedule it to run for a couple hours, a few times a day.

If you are an online seller who is storing cosmetics in your basement, you likely will need the dehumidifier but the overall temperature should be fine. However if you are storing your merchandise in your garage you should consider a cheap space heater if the temp drops to freezing in the winter months:

Makeup LOVES cool temps, but freezing weather will destroy cosmetics.  Your space heater can also be on a timer to only heat your garage enough to prevent freezing. 

On the other hand, if you live in a vary warm climate where your indoor temperature exceeds 74 degrees, you absolutely need to consider finding a way to keep the makeup cool.  If you do not wish to air condition your entire home, consider making your storage area air conditioned.  You can grab a cheap $150 A/C unit on Amazon:

TIP:  Whether you need to keep out humidity, add heat or cool down the area, it is VERY VERY helpful to utilize plastic sheeting on the walls or areas that are drafty.  We use plastic sheeting in our warehouse and it's cut down our utility bills substantially!  The thicker the sheeting is the better it will work.  Avoid "painters sheeting" because this stuff is like plastic wrap.  Instead aim for sheeting that is 6 mil or higher:

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