Online Sellers: 7 Polite but Firm Ways to Say NO to a Buyer Request

Online Sellers: 7 Polite but Firm Ways to Say NO to a Buyer Request

Posted by Big Brand on 2nd Dec 2020

Potential buyers will ask for anything and everything because it’s not their inventory and it’s not their time. Some of the most common requests are:

  • “Will you take $15 off?”
  • “Can you ship it through a different carrier?”
  • "Will you drive it to my house and Deliver it?"
  • “Can you switch the white shirt for any other color?”
  • “Can you rush it to the post office today? I need it ASAP!”
  • “Can you overnight it?”
  • “Can you send me photos of the UPC and the ingredients Label?”
  • “Can you send me a list of ingredients?”
  • “Can you measure it more?”
  • “Can you tell me what type of wood / metal it is made from?”

The requests never end because, like I said earlier, IT’S NOT THE PROSPECTS INVENTORY AND IT’S NOT THEIR TIME - remember this. And, even though you tell a potential buyer “NO”, it doesn’t mean they won’t still purchase, providing you respond correctly!

So here’s how to say NO, in a polite way that doesn’t kill the sale:

1. I wish I could!

2. I would love to do this for you but right now we are so busy that there isn’t enough hours in the day to (_____ offer additional shipping methods, take additional product images, etc___)

3. This isn’t something we offer right now but I will consider it for the future

4. Unfortunately I do not have that information available at this time, but you might be able to find the answers on Google, because Google always seems to know everything! LOL! :)

5. I’m so sorry, I just can’t. As a small business I just don’t have the staff needed to help me get answers like this. But I’m sure you’ll love the (___lipstick, cake plate, coffee beans, etc___)

6. Unfortunately I do not have the answer to this but perhaps the Manufacturer does? You could try contacting (___ Calvin Klein, Maybelline, Back to Roots, Tupperware, etc___) customer service.

7. I’m sorry but at this time I do not have a discounting program / coupon codes available.  Perhaps in the future! (If you are getting a lot of requests for a lower price, read our blog post 7 Polite Ways to Tell a Buyer They Can't Get an Additional Discount)

TIP:  If all else fails and the potential buyer simply won't take NO for an answer, just blame someone else.  "I am selling this for my friend, so I can't adjust the price" or "My boss said no, but if it were up to me I totally would!"

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