Online Sellers: 7 Polite Ways to Tell a Buyer They Can’t Get an Additional Discount

Online Sellers: 7 Polite Ways to Tell a Buyer They Can’t Get an Additional Discount

Posted by Big Brand on 25th Nov 2020

Everyone who has every sold anything has been asked to sell the item for less than the advertised price. This can often be a huge source of frustration for the seller because the price the potential buyer is asking for is often less than the amount the seller paid for the inventory. I can't even count the amount of times people have contacted us an said "The Victorias Secret bras on your site are $12.99 per piece.  If you drop the price to $5 or less I'll buy 10,000 pieces"  - Ok and if you bought 10,000 of them at only $5 each our company would LOSE over $5,500 on the sale!  We can't pay someone to take our merchandise! 

So here’s 7 ways to say “HECK NO” in a polite way that won’t kill the sale:

1. REMIND THEM OF THE DISCOUNT THEY ARE ALREADY GETTING: I am not able to provide an additional discount but keep in mind that this sweater retails for $120 and it is priced at only $40, so you’re already scoring massive savings!  Woo hoo! 

2. HIGHLIGHT ADDITIONAL FEATURES: I cannot take additional money off however I ship fast, for free and all orders are packaged beautifully. Thanks for your inquiry!

3. USE A CORPORATE RESPONSE: I’m sorry but at this time I do not have a discounting program / coupon codes or Best Offers available however this is something we can consider for the future. Thanks for the suggestion!

4. REDIRECT: If you’re looking for a $20 sweater, I have this one available: (provide link to $20 Sweater)

5. PROMOTE THE PRODUCT: Thanks for your question! This is an authentic $120 Juicy Couture Sweater made from a super soft and cozy wool blend... and it is priced at only $40 + free next day shipping. I know you’ll love it and $40 is a steal for this beauty!

6. GIVE THEM SOMETHING ELSE: *This method requires you to have some form of freebies for your buyer. Freebies can be anything from products you have sh*t tons of to stuff that just hasn’t been a hot seller for you or merchandise you buy with the intention of giving it away as an upsell. For example, you can say to the buyer:

I am not able to offer an additional discount on this gorgeous sweater but I can throw in a free chapstick for you. Just place the order and contact me after and I’ll add it in!

The Chapstick (or whatever it is) cost you $1 or less. So adding it in for free is a much better deal for YOU than giving the buyer an additional $5 or $10 off the product. Even if the free item cost you $3, it is still better than giving $5 off.

7. UPSELL IT: If you buy 3 of the Juicy Couture sweaters I have listed I can give you 10% off the purchase 

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