Man Sells His ENTIRE LIFE on eBay: Where is He Now?

Man Sells His ENTIRE LIFE on eBay: Where is He Now?

Posted by Big Brand on 3rd Jul 2021

You may have missed this headline back from 2008; a man named Ian truly wanted a fresh started after a seriously rough separation from his wife, so he turned to eBay to sell his entire LIFE… yes, 100% of it. The winning bidder would receive him and whatever he owned post-divorce including a house, a car, motorbike, jetski, furniture and of course, the man himself.

His eBay listing photos included a pretty solid summary of what the bidder was winning:

Six main bids came in, ironically, all were from AU with the exception of a single USA bidder. His Life was purchased for almost $400,000 which left him feeling disappointed because he felt his life should have sold for closer to $420k, but the news of the winning bid became progressively worse when he discovered the winning bidder wasn’t able to pay for the transaction so he moved on to the second highest bidder, than the third, then fourth… and the final bidder (the USA citizen) equally had problems because she / he was dealing with citizenship issues.

Fast forward one year and although nobody has taken him up on his offer to buy his life, he has had doors opened in the form of adventures, which include traveling the world and meeting new people. Oh, and one of those amazing new people he has met is Vanessa… a woman whom he has spent 6+ years with indulging in what they refer to as the “Freedom Lifestyle” which involves traveling by offering “house sitting services”. House sitting has allowed Ian and Vanessa to visit over 20 different countries! Additionally they operate a website to share their adventures with the public.

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