10 Weird Ebay Listings in June 2021

10 Weird Ebay Listings in June 2021

Posted by Big Brand on 25th Jun 2021

We might have to make this a new series because its fascinating, sometimes disgusting, often creepy and most of the time outright hilarious for no specific reason other than “WHY?....Just...WHY?

So here’s some really bizarre eBay finds in June 2021:

Human Teeth: Listed by odditiesforsale. Sometimes we really don’t want to ask questions...

Human Centipede Shaped Gummy Bears. Thanks to chriscorn64 I will never look at Gummies the same

A brand new seller with 0 feedback at the time of creating this blog post, nimastr-81 listed this single sheet of blank paper for almost $25,000:

I would say “Maybe angel_cross will have more success with his $1,000 oddly shaped chicken nugget”, however I am having trouble seeing how this McDonalds nugget resembles baby Yoshi:

Then there’s seller gregfed who suspects people will want to purchase a single blade of grass for $100:

Dukecitydoors1975 has a listing that you probably don’t want to view before (or immediately after) eating lunch. Yep, it’s a jar full of finger nail and toe nail clippings:

Speaking of lunch, you probably never want to eat at primalwellnes_0’s house because you might be served a huge spider in a bag:

I can’t wrap my mind around why anyone would want this, but maintenanceboi has an actual wall-mounted duck butt:

If you have money to burn then you might want to consider this $10,000 mustard packet sold by psfvj81

And the final listing we can’t resist adding to this list today is from morsl_16 and is, supposedly, a maple leaf “stolen” from the National Flag of Canada. The Description of the listing says, 

When I visited canada I stole this leaf off of a flag Now I am a wanted criminal I need the money to bail myself out of jail.

and you can buy this "stolen" leaf for $300:

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