How to Increase Your Mens Clothing Sales - Fascinating Data About Male Shopping Patterns

How to Increase Your Mens Clothing Sales - Fascinating Data About Male Shopping Patterns

Posted by Big Brand on 14th Jun 2020

The retail industry dumps a fortune into learning their buyers shopping habits. So, if you sell mens merch it is important to understand your buyer too. Here’s some incredible statistics based on research studies that may surprise you, especially if you are a woman!

  1. Because mens and womens brains are “wired differently” men are substantially less selective. They want their experience to be simplistic and speedy... this includes the Checkout process.  Men will avoid stores (or sites!) with long, slow or glitchy checkouts.  No wonder there was rarely ever men in K-Mart... longest checkout EVER!
  2. Because of this, men disliked being bombarded with information. They don’t want to hear about your products, your sale or anything else. They don’t want to be asked to “sign up” for anything and they truly do not care if “signing up” gives them a discount. All of things decrease speed and create a horrible experience for men.  Heck, I despise being attacked with info too... especially if it's the very moment I step foot into a store or the same moment I click a website link.
  3. When women shop they generally tend to plan. Think about it; your mom probably got groceries for the week (and probably wrote an actual shopping list!) or took you a month in advance to get your dress shirt for your cousins wedding. However men tend to shop on immediate needs only. - when I read this I immediately thought, YEP! My husband will go Easter morning to purchase his dress shirt and shops for Christmas on Christmas Eve, whereas my Christmas shopping is always done before November! His brother did convince him to go on Black Friday one year and both of them said it was the “worst EVER”. In all fairness, I despise Black Friday also.
  4. Because men do not generally “shop in advance” they usually do not take advantage of sale opportunities. If your family is like mine, Mom would take you to get next-winters coat when they’re 80% off during the prior summer… and buy a full size bigger than you need so you can wear it for 2 years, at least, because….
  5. Men are usually not “thrifty shoppers”.  Also so true! I love, love, love savaging through the clearance area at Kroger because I find such amazing deals.  My less-thrifty-half refuses to go near the sale area because there is nothing he wants to do less than dig through bins of random crap to save 75% on 1 bottle of shampoo. 
  6. In fact, most men state that they could care less if an item is on sale or not!  They have no problem at all paying full price... which is why they hate coupons.  I don't know a single guy who uses coupons or surfs the internet for coupon codes.  With that being said, my husband likes Kohls Cash.  I'm guessing because its simplistic; they hand it to you with your receipt so there's no added work. 
  7. Men seldom compare quality but there is an exception to this rule; technology purchases and tools.  Men see these more-so as "investments".  I so totally believe this; the hubs is very protective of all his thing-a-ma-jigs for fixing stuff.  God forbid I take some wire cutters and forget to put them back!
  8. And this could be because most men state they dislike shopping and compare it to “doing brain surgery on yourself” (LOL. Sounds like how I feel when I have to watch a Basketball game with hubs.... "are the guys in the dog jerseys the ones we want to win?")
  9. On top of that, men refuse to leave empty-handed. They are absolutely determined to get what they need, right then.  So if a man comes to your business he's most likely gonna buy, unless you run him out!  And...
  10. A man will “settle for something that works” even if it's not specifically what he had in mind, while a woman will browse until they feel they have found “the perfect solution”.  Also makes total sense; we went "tile shopping" to redo our bathroom.  Husband didn't see why we need to bring home samples when we are already at the store and can just buy it now.  If you're a woman you probably feel my pain.  If you're a man you're probably thinking, "They have samples? For what?!"
  11. Even more surprising (in my opinion, at least), men report not caring much about the color. So if they need dress pants; black, blue or khaki are all fine.  If they need a shirt they'll likely purchase whatever is closest to the dress pants.  Maybe this is why those "Mens Shirt + Tie in a Box" are so popular?
  12. Men tend to prefer to shop alone because they enjoy “in-and-out”; as quick as possible. It's a "task" not an "event"!  Which makes sense why they don’t care if it’s on sale or what color it is. It also makes sense why I don’t recall ever seeing my dad purchase anything…. I have always thought maybe he just didn’t buy stuff…
  13. However, men have the upper-hand over women because they usually only purchase what they came for, whereas I always leave with a cart filled with stuff!  Hobby Lobby is the worst for me but my husband refuses to step foot in that store.  In fact, he would rather wait in the car! LOL!  After being together for over 15 years, I don't even bother to invite him shopping with me because I want to spend more than 5 minutes in the mall!
  14. Men also seldom “compare prices” but will compare items; "This saw comes with an extra blade.  This one does not. I only need 1 blade so I'll get the first one" (even if it costs more!)  Women on the other hand, while standing in the tool aisle at Home Depot, will think, "This cutty-thing comes with 2 choppers and it's $50.  But this slicer-ma-jig comes with only 1 and it's $60.  Let me look at the reviews on Amazon and see why" and if they can't find the answer they will flag down the next orange-vested employee who walks by! 


  • Keep it simple.  Basic details are appreciated but additional information can lead to frustration (unless it's tools or technology!).  
  • YOU DO NOT NEED TO FOCUS ON SALES AND DISCOUNTS!  What is far more effective is Free Shipping with X-Purchase-Amount.
  • Off Season Sales may be ineffective. 
  • Coupons are "meh".  Unlike women, your male shoppers do not insist on a coupon to purchase.
  • Less options may equal more sales.  If there are too many choices that can detour men.  For example, if you are forcing your buyer to use a lot of drop-down menu options in your listing, this slows down the process and can be overwhelming. 
  • Keep everything smooth, streamlined and FAST. If you think it's fast enough now, make it faster.  Simplify your navigation. 
  • Cross Promotions are key.  Just how the store puts the dress shirts next to the mens pants, make sure you are doing the same online; "This-matches-with-that" type stuff.  Remember, he wants it to be EASY.  He doesn't want to "browse" much (or at all).
  • Product Comparison is not necessarily a desired feature
  • Last Minute Shopping should be expected.

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