How Long Does INTERNATIONAL Shipping Take?

There are two types of international shipping: Direct international shipping OR using a Freight Forwarder:



IN GENERAL, Direct International shipping is 7 - 29 days depending on:

  • Where you are located
  • If you purchase items you are not allowed to import
  • If Customs isn't busy. Some countries have Customs that operate VERY slow.  Other countries Customs process parcels very fast.
  • If you follow the Tracking Number so you know when it arrives. We suggest signing up for Tracking Notifications.
  • If you promptly pay taxes (if required)
  • And if you are home to accept delivery or if you pick up your parcel fast.  If you miss delivery or do not go get your parcel it will take longer.

If you do not help try to get the parcel it will take longer.  If you cooperate it will arrive quicker.

As you can see in the picture below, if you are having the parcel shipped direct to you it will have to shop several times.  The example below shows an approximate transit of a parcel going from Michigan to Columbia:


As you can see, the parcel will stop 4 times on its way to Columbia. Each time the parcel stops transit time is added. Even though I could book direct a flight from Detroit, Michigan to Bogota, Colombia on United Airlines and it would only be 7 total hours flight, this is not the case with parcel transit.


IN GENERAL, using a Freight Forwarder is going to take 4 - 15 days, depending on:

  • Your location
  • The location of the Freight Forwarder.  Choosing a forwarder close to your country will make transit take less time.
  • How many times per week the forwarder brings cargo to your country
  • How your forwarder handles Customs and Taxes / Duties / Fees / VAT, if required.

You can look at the photo below to see the difference in stops:


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