International Shipping Cost

Yes, we ship international!  But the shipping estimate you recieve at checkout is an estimate. MOST MERCHANDISE SHIPS FREE INSIDE THE USA, SO WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO USE A FREIGHT FORWARDER. It is almost ALWAYS cheaper for you to use a Freight Forwarder than to have merchandise shipped directly to you.  We will discuss Forwarders more on the next page.


Direct International Shipping is based on WEIGHT.  Here are shipping rates PER POUND (1 pound = approximately 0.44 KG)


When shipping direct international, we always combine all of the Lots you purchase to 1 box. If you buy tons of merchandise it may require multiple boxes. The largest box we can ship international is 24"x18"x19". This is about the size of a microwave:


The heaviest box we are able to ship is 59 POUNDS. If you order over 59 pounds of merchandise it will have to ship in two boxes. 

If you order large merchandise (such as coats or gift sets) or FRAGILE merchandise, it will require multiple boxes.  As you can see, direct International Shipping can become very expensive.  If you are buying BODY CARE (lotions, scrubs, body butters) the maximum weight is 30 to 35 pounds per box. This is why we always say it is best to use a Freight Forwarder.

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