It is your responsibility to make sure the merchandise you are purchasing is allowed to be imported into your country. Every country has completely different rules!  You can usually find importing rules by visiting your countries website or Google searching "Import Rules (your country)".

In general, PERFUME AND BODY MIST IS NOT ALLOWED.  These items contain alcohol which is considered Flammable.  If you choose to purchase these items they will usually be seized and destroyed by Customs.  We do not issue refunds for illegal imports because we do not know the laws of every country.

Some countries do allow perfume but it has to be 2.5oz or less. 

Most countries do not allow mouthwash or other water-like substances that contain alcohol.

Some countries do not allow makeup or certain types of makeup.

Many countries do not allow real fur clothing or certain types of clothing compositions.

There are also countries that do not allow real gold, real silver or types of genuine gemstones to be imported.

It is very important that you make sure you CAN import whatever you want to import.

To demonstrate how different importing rules can be, here are a few really crazy things you can't import by country:


It is MANDATORY that you make sure the items you choose to buy from us CAN be imported to your country because there is no way to get the items back from Customs if they confiscate / seize / destroy them.  You may need to contact Customs or a Lawyer / Solicitor to make sure the items do not violate law in your country. If you realize you are not allowed to import merchandise AFTER we have shipped it, it is too late. Please research before you order.

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