How Freight Forwarders Work

Using a Freight Forwarder saves you LOTS of money on shipping from the USA to an International Address!   A Forwarder is a company that is located inside the USA and makes direct trips from the USA to your area. Because the forwarder is making a direct trip they are able to offer a large discount and usually the merchandise will arrive quicker too!  Most Freight Forwarders charge around $1 per pound and have a requirement of a 25 pound minimum or they charge a $25 minimum fee.  Every forwarder has unique pricing.  Most forwarders have prices listed on their website.

Because the forwarder is inside the USA, you will only pay us the USA shipping rate (we ship for FREE inside the USA or you can pay $4.99 to upgrade to a fast transit option).  You will then pay the forwarder whatever the charges are for them to being the parcel to you.
Using a Forwarder is simple:


1. Place an order through our site.  Use YOUR address that matches the credit card as the Billing Address and the forwarders address as the SHIPPING ADDRESS.  Let us know right away if you need an invoice attached to the outside of the parcel or placed inside the parcel. You only pay us USA shipping rates.

2. We ship the parcels to the forwarder. We pay for signature confirmation so we can prove your forwarder got each parcel.  You are provided Tracking for each parcel so you can see when they arrive at the forwarder.

3. The forwarder receives the parcels.  You pay the forwarder the reduced cost to ship from the forwarder to you.

4. The forwarder takes your parcel across the sea on a Cargo ship. **This is another reason you save money.  Many carriers use air planes to fly the parcels, which is more costly than Cargo.***

5. You get your parcel.


We are located in Michigan.  You can find Freight Forwarders all over the USA but mostly in New York / New Jersey, California and Florida because these states are major ports / hubs in the USA:



It makes the most sense to pick a forwarder that is located in the state that is CLOSEST to you. For example, if you are in Brazil you would want to find a forwarder in Florida.  You would NOT want a forwarder in New York.  But if you are in Spain you will want a New York / New Jersey forwarder.  Here is a wonderful world map if you need to see which state you are closest to.

To find a forwarder that delivers to you, Google Search “Freight Forwarding to (your country)” and spend a few moments researching GOOD forwarders:


WE KINDLY ASK THAT YOU DO NOT USE "" as your forwarder!!! WE WILL NOT SHIP TO MyUs! Their address is 4299 Express Ln, Sarasota, FL 34238. We do NOT ship to because every time we have shipped to them there are many problems and their customer service is horrible. ANY other forwarder is fine.  We have not had problems with ANY forwarder besides MyUs.  IF you decide to use as your forwarder, we will NOT be responsible for "missing", "lost" or "damaged" merchandise!!!

MAKE SURE your forwarder does NOT open the parcels.  When forwarders open the packages they can lose, stain or break merchandise! We package your merchandise to arrive in perfect condition. When the parcels are opened they are not properly repacked and this is upsetting to us. The forwarder should be putting all of your small packages in to one large container / box and charging you for 1 box without opening them:


Our insurance policy only covers the transit and delivery to the forwarder.  You need to make sure the forwarder insures the transit of the merchandise from them to you.

After you have selected a Forwarder you wish to use, place your order with our site.  Enter YOUR address as the Billing Address and enter the FORWARDERS ADDRESS as the Shipping Address.  *** MOST FORWARDERS WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH A BOX NUMBER, CUSTOMER NUMBER OR CODE that you will have to type into the Shipping Address.  Here is an example of what a Freight Forwarder address looks like:

Nancy Deals   (Your Name)


12345 Bargain Drive (Forwarders Street Address) 

Miami, Florida 45478 (Forwarders City, State and Postal / Zip Code)

Please make sure you contact your forwarder and ASK if you need a Box Number and ask if you need an invoice on the inside or outside of the parcel.  Many forwarders will REFUSE to accept delivery if the parcel is missing the box number.  If the forwarder doesn't accept delivery the parcel is returned to us in approximately 10-20 Days.  We will then have to charge you for shipping again. It is a huge headache for you and us. We print the postage EXACTLY as you enter it into our site, please double check to make sure it is correct BEFORE you Confirm order.  If you place your order and realize you need an address correction, contact us immediately Support@BigBrandWholesale or TEXT MESSAGE 734 707 9878, be sure to include your name and order information.  We ship very fast so PLEASE make sure you contact us quick!

If your forwarder needs you to upload a copy of your invoice you can Print or Save your invoice by logging into your account. The video below will show you where to find your invoices and how to check tracking:

***After we package the merchandise we will provide you with the size and weight if you need this information.  We will also let you know the QUANTITY of parcels being shipped to your forwarder.  It is YOUR responsibility to make sure your forwarder knows the quantity of parcels arriving.  You will receive 1 tracking number for each parcel so you can see when each is signed for by your forwarder.  We do not EVER contact your forwarder.  The forwarder NEVER contacts us.  We work with you and you work with the forwarder you chose.