International Shipping Questions and Answers


"Why was my order canceled?"

ANSWER: Usually orders are canceled because the BILLING address does not match the credit card used to pay.  The SHIPPING address can be any address you would like but the BILLING information MUST match the credit card or the order will be automatically flagged as "potential fraud". We use an 8-point security cross-check system that instantly reviews all orders for potential fraud.  If your order is flagged for potential fraud we contact you via email for Identity Verification.  If we do not get a reply within 24 hours we cancel the order.  IF YOU PAY BY PAY PAL, Amazon Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Google Wallet or Apple Pay you will not have to verify identity because these sites already have their own identity verification systems so they approve most orders immediately. 

"Can you please declare my merchandise as a GIFT?"

ANSWER: When filling out Customs Forms we NEVER list items as "Gift" because it is against USA law; meaning, it is a crime in the United States to declare orders a "gift". So, we accurately label the parcels as "Merchandise". 

"Do you include an invoice in the parcel"

ANSWER: We do not add invoices to the parcel unless you contact us and tell us you need an invoice added to the inside of the parcel or attached to the outside of the parcel.  We have to fill out Customs Forms and the Customs Forms are attached to the outside of the box. 

"I need an invoice to get my parcel..."

ANSWER: An invoice is instantly emailed to you when your order is placed.  If you cannot find the email you can log into your account with our site and print an invoice. Here are step-by-step directions showing how to print your invoice:

"How are Customs Forms filed? Are my products Confidential?"

ANSWER: We NEVER list brand names on Customs Forms.  Due to the nature of our products, we prefer to keep Customs Forms to generic lists, such as "3 panties, 1 Bra, 1 Shirt".

If you have any other questions about International Buying or Shipping, Please Contact Us!