5 Reasons Why You Can't Come in And Shop or Browse Our Warehouse

5 Reasons Why You Can't Come in And Shop or Browse Our Warehouse

Posted by Big Brand on 29th Jul 2021

Every single day we have at least 5 people show up to our warehouse, knock on the door and ask to come in and “shop”. Additionally we have 10 - 12 people a day who message us via email, text or social media to inquire how they can come “browse”. We hate telling 6,000+ people per year that we cannot accommodate their in-store shopping requests, but here’s exactly why: 

1. All of our merchandise is videoed so you can see exactly what you are buying. To watch the live video, simply click the Play Button on the video on the listing. After the Lot is videoed it is double-counted, packed then shelved in a specific location so when you place your order online, our warehouse staff can see exactly where to find it and pull it fast for you. That means our warehouse looks like this (this is our actual warehouse):

Because we pre-pack all of our merchandise we are able to offer you same-day FREE shipping (or ready in 2 hours pickupif you are local).  If we did not pre-pack merchandise we would have to do what other companies do, which is to pull the merchandise when it is ordered.  Although there is nothing wrong with pull-when-ordered, it makes it impossible to ship same day.   Other companies that pull-when-ordered usually require 3 to 7 days to get your order shipped.  

So, since our merchandise is pre-packed, it would not be logical for our company to have customers come into our building and open our double-counted, shelved, packed parcels to browse through them:

2. Because we do not have any shopping area, we do not have sales staff or a cashier, cash register or credit card machine. This means we do not have any way to process a payment or any extra staff who can assist you.  Quite frankly, having strangers wander our warehouse unattended kind of freaks us out. 

3. Our business is not Commercially Zoned for Retail because our Zoning is for Industrial / Warehousing.  In order to offer retail shopping your warehouse has to have "Flex Zoning", which we do not have .  This means the city of Wayne does not allow this warehouse to be used as a “store” where people come in and buy items. Because we are not zoned for retail, our warehouse, parking lot and building exterior do not meet the qualifications to be open to the public. This means we would be violating city ordinances if we have internal shopping (or browsing).  However, we are able to offer same-day pickup because buyers do not come inside and "shop".  

4. We do not own our warehouse BUILDING. Although we own all of our products and our company we choose to lease the actual building. Our Lease does not allow for customers to come in and shop because it is against the cities Zoning laws.  This means if we allowed retail browsing we could not only be punished by the city for running an illegal operation, but we can also be punished by our Landlord for Lease violations.  :( 

5. And finally, our business insurance does not allow for shopping / browsing because we are not zoned for this. This means that if you were to come inside and, God forbid, you slip and fall, or get injured in some way, or even have a heart attack, we could end up losing everything we have worked hard for 16+ years to achieve.

With all of this being said; we do want you to be able to see what you are buying. This is why we are the ONLY wholesale company who videos every single listing. Additionally, if you are local you can order online and come pick it up from our Customer Pickup Area located in the back of our building. You are welcome to stay in our parking lot and open all of your parcels and spend as much time as you would like examining every item. If you have any issues, simply contact us or ring our doorbell.  OR you can order a wholesale sample from our site.  We have small wholesale sample lots priced as low as $24.99 because we know that when you see it, you'll love it and want to buy more. We want you to know exactly what you are buying and be happy with your purchase because repeat business is how we stay in business!

Want to pickup?  Here's ready in 2 hours pickupinformation

Have questions?  Contact Us!  We respond very quickly to emails ([email protected]) and texts (734 707-9878), 365 days a year, from approximately 8am - 9pm EST. You can find almost every answer to your questions by reading our FAQs page

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