All of our merchandise comes directly from designer stores.  You can see which store it came from in the Description section of every product listing:


We NEVER order from private sellers, off Alibaba, eBay or anywhere other than directly from designer stores.  This means we are able to absolutely guarantee that 100% of our merchandise is always genuine name brands.   Learn exactly how we get our merchandise. 

5 Common Authenticity Questions:

Why Does the Label / Tag / Packaging Style look different than others I have seen?

Designers sometimes change their style of labels or tags.  This means an item from 2018 could have a different looking tag than an item from 2020. Additionally, discontinued items or limited edition items can feature packaging or tags that are different than non-discontinued or non-limited-edition items.

If the merchandise is authentic, how is the price this low?

We get extra stock from designer stores and their warehouses.  Because the store getting rid of extra stock so they can get new stock in, they sell it to us at a great discount.  We then pass the savings along to you. We have stayed in business since 2005 due to repeat business, so we always do our best to keep prices as low as possible for our buyers. 

Is Big Brand Wholesale an "actual" business?

Yes! We are a licensed, registered business in the state of Michigan (established 2005).  You are welcome to take a virtual tour of our warehouse or even come pick up your order from us

Why don’t I see this item in the store today?

All of our merchandise is extra stock from designer stores or their warehouses.  This means the merchandise is usually no longer in the store (because they have sold it to us).  If they were keeping it in the store, on store shelves, there would be no reason for them to sell it to us until they are done with it. 

Since this is authentic, can I use these products to get Ungated on Amazon? 

  • We have lots of buyers who have been ungated on Amazon. 
  • We have lots of buyers who have gotten ungated using other sites merchandise then buy ours after unagting. 
  • We have lots of buyers who have gotten ungated with some of our merchandise and not with others. 
  • And we have lots of buyers who have not gotten ungated at all.  

There is NO online seller who can guarantee ungating because gating is 100% Amazon's decision. However, if you learn all about getting ungated on Amazon and you complete the Amazon Ungating Checklist you will have a lot stronger change of getting ungated. 

Check out our awesome content about Amazon Ungating: