Attn Online Buyers: WATCH OUT FOR IMPOSTERS Pretending to Be Us! (3-21-23)

Attn Online Buyers: WATCH OUT FOR IMPOSTERS Pretending to Be Us! (3-21-23)

Posted by Big Brand on 22nd Mar 2023

It has come to our attention that there are IMPOSTERS out there pretending to be PLEASE READ!!!

COMPANY NAME:  Our ONLY company name is BIG BRAND WHOLESALE.  Other companies are using SIMILAR, yet different names. OUR COMPANY IS BIG BRAND WHOLESALE

Example of imposters versus

WEBSITE: Our ONLY eCommerce site is  We also have listings in our Facebook store and occasionally some eBay Listings, we will discuss eBay in a moment.  We do not have ANY other websites that we sell merch on!

FAKE LOGO versus our REAL LOGO variations:

LOCATION: We are located in MICHIGAN, USA. We have NO OTHER LOCATIONS. Our address is 3441 Filbert, Wayne MICHIGAN, 48184.  Our address and contact info is at the bottom of our website. 

STOCK & SHIPPING: We stock 100% of our merchandise in our Michigan warehouse. We ONLY ship from our Michigan warehouse.  We also offer same-day pickup.   The imposter profiles, specifically on eBay, do NOT say MICHIGAN, USA.  The imposters say CHINA!:

ITEMS WE SELL & OUR PHOTOGRAPHY:  We take OUR OWN photos AND VIDEOS of every listing.  Our product photos are unique.  You can see them laying on a tablecloth.  We do change the colors of the table cloths but it is ALWAYS on a table cloth.  IMPOSTERS use "stock images":

We sell authentic designer clothing, shoes and accessories. Occasionally home goods. WE DO NOT SELL LAPTOPS! WE DO NOT SELL FURNITURE OR PET CAGES!! All of our photos and videos are taken in our studio. You can easily tell which listings are not ours, simply look at the background of the items:

eBAY:  WE DO NOT SELL ELECTRONICS OR PET CAGES!  The only things we have listed on eBay are items we have a ton of.  THIS IS OUR REAL EBAY PROFILE:

CELL PHONE APP:  This is our ONLY cell phone app (Google Play Store and Apple)  It is called BIG BRAND WHOLESALE: 

Google Play App:

Apple App:

This is what the home page looks like.  The graphics will change over time, but in general, it looks like this:

CONTACTING US: Our customer service text message support number is (734) 322-9338. We do not have any other phone numbers! You can also contact us by email (, live chat on our site and social media DM.  WE REPLY SUPER FAST!!!!!  

Our social media accounts:






Google: http://G.Page/BuyWholesale





PAYMENTS: We do NOT accept bank wire! We do NOT have CashApp at this time, and if we did the phone number would be (734) 322-9338!! WE DO NOT RUN CREDIT CARDS OVER THE PHONE, NEVER THROUGH TEXT OR EMAIL!!!!! Please, NEVER give out your cc info! 100% of our orders are placed securely through our site. The forms of payment we accept are Credit, Debit, Amazon Pay, PayPal, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and more… but only through our site!

Our email is We do not have any other email addresses.

HOW TO SPOT A FRAUD:  First, LOOK at the company name.  Does it say Big BRAND Wholesale? 

Next, look at the URL address area of the website.  The url of our website says "BigBrandWholesale" and features the secure website lock icon:


IF YOU ARE EVER UNSURE, SIMPLY CONTACT US!!!  Send us the link to what you are looking at and we will quickly confirm that you are on our site.  

PLEASE pay attention to where you are ordering through.  Unfortunately, we are receiving a large amount of customer service inquires for the fake companies.  The fake companies apparently don't reply to inquiries and when the buyer Google searches them, our company name shows up (as they planned).  We would suggest; if you ordered through a fake company from China and they have not shipped it, or if the tracking number is bogus, file a dispute with your card company.  

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