Online Sellers:  5 Marketing Methods That No Longer Work

Online Sellers: 5 Marketing Methods That No Longer Work

Posted by Big Brand on 20th Apr 2021

If you’re an online seller and especially one who has been in business for 5+ years times are changing quickly and what worked great in 2015 no longer works in 2021. Here’s a list of four of the major changes:

1. Twitter - In the past couple years we have witnessed the massive rise of Instagram and TikTok whereas Twitter still remains the same site it was back in 2009. Check out our blog post 6 Reasons Why You Should Back Away from Twitter Marketing

2. Fake Followers - Remember all of those “Get 50,000 followers for only $100!” sites? Not only do customers see right through this (you have 75,000 followers and only get 1 like on a post? Come on man!) but all social media sites have been working to purge fake accounts.

3. Coupon Sites - Back in the day you could get a ton of traffic from sites like or Groupon, but when is the last time you heard someone mention Groupon recently? Personally, I completely stopped using Groupon after 3 back-to-back terrible experiences.

4. Excessive Email Campaigns - Personally, I can't stand them. I have unsubscribed from Bath & Body Works and other companies who send 1 or more emails EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Reality is that it drives people absolutely insane. Here at we try to keep our promotional emails to once a month, and because of that we get a high interaction rate. Our buyers know that when we send an email it’s worth opening!

5. Text Message Marketing - The only thing more annoying than being slammed with daily promo emails is to have your phone blown up on the reg by text messages asking you to buy stuff (or DONATE… I’m looking at you, political text messages!)

However the annoyance is just part of the issue. People are actually getting so pissed off about texts that there’s a new Class Action lawsuit filed every couple days to punish companies that are text-spamming. You can check out some of these Class Action Text Message Lawsuits here. If you absolutely insist on sending texts to promote, make sure you have double-opt-in which protects your company legally.  

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