Online Buyers Share 10 Hilariously AWFUL Free Gift with Purchase Items

Online Buyers Share 10 Hilariously AWFUL Free Gift with Purchase Items

Posted by Big Brand on 4th Aug 2021

If you need to laugh today, look no further. I came across this Reddit thread where online buyers were posting how much they HATE getting surprise free gifts in addition to sharing the most bizarre freebies they have ever gotten with their clothing or accessory purchase.  Enjoy this list:

1. How About Some Cheese with Your Shoes? Buyer MisMoshSquash

I received a pair of sneakers that had a free Baby Bell swiss cheese inside one of the shoes.

2. WTF Am I Going to Do With THIS? Buyer: SnooMarzipans4587

I got an eraser shaped like the Eiffel tower but it was green.

3. Just In Case You Own a Time Machine! Buyer: 757Posher

One of those checkbook-size calendars - it was expired by 2 years

4. It’s The Thought That Counts…. ????? Buyer: I_Dream_Of_Robots

Melted candy (I live in the desert)

5. Look, But Don’t Touch! Buyer: EKJHansen

I got like a Costco sized bag of candy corn when I was dealing with gestational diabetes.

6. If You Use Your Imagination…. Buyer: Chirallax

I got a ripped off back cover of a kid’s book. Nothing related to the item, just a random ass back cover.

7. If Your Hands Ever Shrink… Buyer: Passionkiller711

Mini Erasers

8. I Was Going to Throw This Out But I Figured You Can Throw it Out Instead. Buyer: KaydaShop

Some Vaseline brand lip balm that looked like it was from 1985 with faded packaging

9. If You Get 119 More You Can Play! Buyer: 7redarrows

I recently got a single trivial pursuit card. Not the game. Just a random card.

10. Just Wanted to Make Sure Your Breath Smells Nice When You Wear My Item. Buyer: Susan_Thee_Duchess

A Travel Toothbrush and Toothpaste. I bought a shirt. 

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