How to Structure Your Online Listings for Maximum Sales

How to Structure Your Online Listings for Maximum Sales

Posted by Big Brand on 29th Jun 2020

The best way to learn how to structure your listing is to look at big brand websites (Macys, Saks, Nordstrom, etc) and see how they list, then replicate the style. Keep in mind that these massive companies spend oodles of money on learning what works best. So, let’s compare some of the big store listing style structures:




In the 3 images shown above, you probably have noticed the same general structure which consists of a sentence or two about the item to entice the buyer into making the purchase as well as a bullet-point list of important details. Let’s take a closer look at the Nordstrom listing because Nordstrom successfully sells the highest-priced merchandise:

As you can see, the most important information comes first, which, in this instance, happens to be Sizing info. In this case, it is mandatory that the buyer knows this coat is an oversized-fit and that the buyer should order 1-size down if they want a tighter fit.

Next there is an upsell blurb:

Let’s now examine the writeup bit by bit. The “buzz words” are blue and the details are red:

"Whether you're exploring uncharted ice fields or negotiating the frozen urban jungle, this rugged parka originally designed for scientists in Antarctica will keep you dry and warm thanks to its water- and wind-resistant exterior and 625-fill-power down insulation. Genuine coyote fur at the hood and a front storm flap offer increased protection from cold and wind, while fleece-lined pockets and elasticized rib-knit cuffs provide soft comfort."

After the upsell content is a bullet-point list of additional details:

And, if you pay attention to the bulleted list, you'll notice that the details generally go from most-important to least-important; which is why the Length, zipper-style and lining is at the top of the list, whereas "Made in Canada", "Professional Dry Clean" and fabric contents are at the bottom of the list.  The reality is that most people care about the total length but likely do not care a ton that it's Made in Canada, which is why you have to get the potential buyer the major details first. 

Now let's take a look at how most ebay sellers list their merchandise compared to Macys listing so you can decide for yourself which is easier to read, which looks more professional:

IN CLOSING, here's the most important things we learned today:

  • Your Description should contain a brief, exciting writeup that entices the prospect to purchase the item
  • The writeup should contain "Buzz Words".  Need inspiration?  Check out our blog post about Online Listing Buzz Words for Increasing Sales.  Instead of saying "Thick", say "Designed to combat even the coldest climates!".
  • The writeup should also contain important details; instead of saying only " "Designed to combat even the coldest climates!", revise the sentence to say "Loaded with Premium Down-Fill; Designed to combat even the coldest climates!"
  • A Bulleted List of important details
  • List should start with the most important detail then end with the least important detail


  • When you are creating your bullet-point list, make sure you use the standard black, circular bullets because other icon-styles may not display correctly on all devices. 

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