50 Things Almost All Successful Online Sellers Have in Common

50 Things Almost All Successful Online Sellers Have in Common

Posted by Big Brand on 20th Nov 2020

Ever wonder what it takes to be a successful online seller?  Of course inventory is important, but these 50 things don't cost a cent and they're even more important than WHAT you sell or WHERE you sell it, I promise!  

1. They sell online to have a better life

2. They know online sellers SAVE an average of $20,000 per year by working from home / for themselves!!!

3. They sell online to spend time with kids, pets, loved one(s) or whomever they reside with

4. Because they want a challenge; they want to learn something new literally every single day.

5. They know they will stumble and fall but you are excited to run toward those hurdles

6. Because they dislike stagnation.  They prefer a fast pace. 

7. Because everyone that said “you can’t”, “you won’t” and “give up" motivates them.

8. They are able to say "NO" when necessary.  They put their foot down when needed, without hesitation. 

9. They jump at the opportunity to work with others / network. They do not "burn bridges".  They see every person as having some form of skill or knowledge to offer.  They are respectful of other peoples time, money and feelings. 

10. They prefer to be the leader in the group instead of a follower. 

11. Because they want to be able to reach a financial goal in the next 10 years

12. Because they want a “career”, not a “job”.

13. They don’t mind giving 100%, every day, 365 days per year.

14. A “traditional job” just isn’t for them 

15. Because they don’t like wearing a work uniform.

16. They are optimists; the glass is always half full. They tend to avoid pessimistic people. 

17. They would rather work 15 hours a day for themselves than 8 hours a day for someone else

18. They don’t mind spending a decade living flat broke if they can spend the rest of their life in financial security

19. They're quick thinkers. The majority of the choices they have to make in life are not difficult for them..

20. They have always been good with people but felt constrained by prior employers

21. Anything they choose to do they sell-though till the very end. 

22. They realize they will make more being open 24 hours a day versus punching a time clock at 9am

23. Learning is fun; wisdom is power and they thrive off mastering new things. In their free time they want to learn.

24. They have an open mind

25. They are confident

26. They are creative

27. They are a natural hustler. There's nothing they can't sell and no problem they can't improvise a way out of

28. Perfection is more important than quantity. If they can't do it correctly they will redo it until its correct, no matter how long it takes.

29. Obsession is a good word to describe their workmanship: They can focus on one task for 8 or more hours and not even look at the clock.

30. They hate being late; they prefer to arrive 5 minutes early.  They like a schedule and they stick to it. 

31. They do not procrastinate. If a task needs to be done they prefer to jump on it right away.

32. They don't mind being alone for long periods of time. In fact they kind of enjoy it.

33. Talking to themselves while they work alone for a decade doesn't phase them in the least

34. They have an eye for details.

35. They do not have a crazy temper; they laugh at people who get upset over tiny things in life.

36. Family and long-term friends are exceptionally important to them.  They typically have a lot of acquaintances, but only a few super close friends.  They typically have had these friends for most of their life because they are very loyal to their loved ones. 

37. Criticism and naysayers never enrage them 

38. They don’t need to spend hours a day on social media or talking on the phone with friends.

39. They are not an emotional people. They don’t lash out on people on the internet or share person drama online.

40. Happiness Is more important than cleanliness

41. They understand that growing is going to take years. They are not racing against time. They're in this for the long haul.

42. They enjoy finding a solution to an issue, even if that means spending a couple hours Google searching and making phone calls

43. They prefer to be happy, inspired and positive.  They disassociate themselves from negativity and drama. 

44. They take pride in their work

45. There no such thing as “killing time”.  They know time is the most valuable asset in the world. 

46. They do not accept “No” as an answer

47. They believe there's no such thing as failure; it’s only “lessons learned”

48. In the middle of the night they come up with an idea to improve and rush to write it down

49. They don’t mind doing Customer Service on holidays

50. They welcome advice, suggestions and even criticism. They might not always enact the suggestion but you are happy to know if you are “doing it wrong”.

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